I see something sad. Something I'm a part of. Maybe you are too.

I lift the sheets in the morning, eyes that have just begun to focus lead me to this box.  My fingers like homing pigeons know just where to perch to connect me to the rest of the world.  8 new emails, 3 that advertise sales, 2 forwarded jokes, 2 job searches and 1 bill.  Just another ground hog day as it registers that nothing personal awaited.

The next stop? Message boards. The coffees ready as the words of others placate a companionship.  Shared opinions, well wishes, sometimes too much truth. But always the knowledge of a mirrored life out there somewhere.

Responsibilities call, the work day begins. Colleagues smile, animated over their latest evening out.  Your mind goes to your own friends, it sinks in that they come to you in a font that was typed into a box and sent by a wire.


As the sun begins to set I find myself once again planted in a chair, with a glowing screen that hold promise of companionship as I check my email wishfully hoping for a box to pop up.


JipC JipC
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4 Responses Oct 26, 2008

I knew my neighbors when growing up in a large apartment house and in a lower middle class place where 3 story, 3 family houses were 6-10 feet from each other. We moved to the suburbs where the nearest house is far away. I did this only to learn I miss my neighbors. My wife had to have a single family house when I, a city boy wanted nothing to do with it. Now she wants a condo again. Well houses aren't selling and we are stuck here at least for a while. Here is nice, just not for me.<br />
<br />
I hate the isolation and increased work. Oh well for a while at least.

all I can truly say for now is I feel the same way.<br />
I feel like im reading my own posted story.

feel free to visit with me anytime im online which is just about every late nite it seems.fungirlmmm is right about your computer not being a sub for true companionship but through our encouragement ,stories,and fighting spirits we can certainly build each other up.

This is sad jip...The computer is a great tool but certainly not a substitute for true companionship in real life. You make that point brilliantly in this post.