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So, as you should all know by now, I can see spirits. I have been able to see them ever since I was really young like 5 maybe? I don't really know what my age was, I just remember being really young and being able to see these "things". To me, they look like floating, moving orbs of colours that if you actually focus on them they move. Normally, I'm able to block them out, not seeing them unless I really wanna. Sometimes they just show up, and other times I have to concentrate hard to see them. There was this one time, I saw A BUNCH of white dots everywhere! Look to the right, that's were they were. To the left, there too. Just everywhere. And that has never happened again, so I was back to just seeing these weird shape of colours. There's a haunted room in my house, n I was laying in there one night with the light and door closed. All I felt was a bad presence and my sight..! Wow, not what I'm use of. These spirits were bad, bad colours and shapes. Question here: Does anyone else see what I see?
Narvey Narvey
3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

funny when I see spirits they aren't funny orbs of light. although ive seen auras before in humans and human projected light.I see spirits and have since I was a child. but they aren't white apperitions or balls of colored light. they are in spirit exsistance like the old borders in the churches of Europe or old pantings and they are active alive aware and some times communicate with me.its hard to describe what a spirit looks like its nothing like ive seen on most of the ghost websights. but then to me a ghost is different from a spirit I saw solid thing not wispy.but not human..

I see similar things sometimes but they're green. They don't feel negative in any way. But I have no idea what the green means.

I also see spirits. I don't know if you realize this, but those white dots were angels. I'm not saying each dot was one, but there was some angels in energy form. The orbs are people who have passed over. I also see ghost. I live in a senior citizens building and there's a lot of them walking around. Same thing with cats. Feel free to message me if you would like.