Some Just Need To Learn

By stupid people I don't mean when someone has a wtf moment. I mean people that use and screw others over, people that bring themselves bad karma.
I believe that we get back what we put out in life. Stupid people are the ones that put out negative energy and then wonder why bad things keep happening to them.
Stupid people are the ones who keep blaming their actions on something else instead taking responsibility. You will never learn or grow until you accept that you choose your own actions and are responsible for the consequences of those actions.
I encounter both types of stupid people all of the time. Not all of them are young either (although it seems to be predominantly the young, people who just need to learn).
Now I am not saying that everything bad that happens to someone is caused by themselves. Sometimes crap just happens. It's how we deal with that crap that decides if we are wise or stupid.

lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Dec 15, 2012