I See Beauty Everywhere

Always. All I know is suffering. I've been through pain and anguish. I actually wish I could be tortured just for a new high. There's so much beauty in life. I see light in breakdowns. I suffered miserabley in my head. Like wars going on. Terrible suffering. I always see the light and I'm glad that I'm alive. I'm always breaking down. Always falling apart. I am the light. I was actually going to start a group like this. This is so great. I don't really have a story at this time. Consider this a little introduction. I'm not a person who loves pain, but once I went through it. It was amazing the light right there with me, as well at the end. I really felt like a warrior of G-d.


Check out this group for online counselling. We are forming a group of unique counsellors. I hope you enjoy, and at least stop in!
I Want To Offer Free Counselling To Epers Group
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Dec 23, 2011