Insight Through Breaking Down

My experiences have allowed me to hit the bottom of the Pit of Dispair and through repitition, I have learned that I will get out  in due time and the only way out is back up.  Sometimes it takes so long that I feel I will burst.  But through years of hanging in there and knowing that it is what my spirit came here to experience and overcome, in human form.  This view base helps me understand .  I will not early exit - I refuse...I didnt make it to 49 and went thru all that I have been through to quit now - so bring it on!!! Kim
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

Keep going. I had a depressive break down in 2008 (chronic, non psychotic). I'm fairly functional again, but I'm still finding what pieces I still have and how they all fit together. It's been a big change.

<p>You go girl!!!</P><br />
<p>Hugs you tightly and and we run barefoot in the forest and dance around a campfire nekkid lolzz?!...<br />
how is that for a celebration?! :) lolz.</P>

I take a bow! kidding...Hell yeah..lets go! Thanks!Kim

hooray :D!!!!!
I can feel the wind in our hair and look, our boobies are shashaying with the motions ROFL...hehehehe (can you picture the visual :D?) LMFAO!!!!

Nah, my boobies are dragging in the dirt! HowlingLMFAO!Kim - Now picture this one sister!!!!

nooooo LMAO! not in the dirt :)
we get spider bras made natural and super duper strong hehe or I could
we get a wheel barrow and I will push you :P...

I will never wear a bra again! Okay, we can add water to the dirt so that I can get a mud facial...You too ofcourse! I guess I could wear the sling if like you said it was all natural. lol - Night sweety!

Yes ALL natural, the spiders made it special for us :D!!

*Magikal spiders*, isn't that so marvellous :D

Night night, hugs and a kiss.

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