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It is known that humanity cannot sustain itself on this planet at the current rate of destruction. In time, there will be wars raging over the very resources we depend on to survive. We now have a global population of seven billion people, in thirty years it is expected to climb to nearly twice that of today. It is quite obvious even now , the devastation created as people become greedy and possess power , continuing wars and depleting ecosystems systematically. Eventually it will reach the pinnacle and human existence ''as we know it'' will cease to exist. Unfortunately, the agenda set in place by our ruling governments will inevitably include the refusal of the majority of our population in continuing along. It is most likely that there will be a selection of people that contribute to a new way of life elsewhere in our universe. Sadly, technologies and discoveries made from then on will never be known to so many that were left behind. I understand it will be a herculean task to even get the equipment and materials required into space to create new public spacestations, however it will be necessary to avoid extinction. In the meantime I hope that the people of this time and age can come to appreciate life and treat our home with care and nurture what is fragile,... the more we do this the more that can see the discoveries made in the final frontier. Peace be with you all.
SupernaturalMagnet SupernaturalMagnet
26-30, M
May 20, 2012