The Education System Left Me Behind:

At this point, I'm not ready to reveal my identity just yet due to the content I've shared. However, I have even been interviewed about it, and this webpage with my story has been embedded into the history of the internet- which I gave the go-ahead to, but I can't say I feel 110% good about it. I had my name published with the article because I thought about my future and how I wanted to use that piece of evidence to influence all the children I may impact later on. That mattered more to me than outting myself as a "highschool dropout", but it's definitely a gamble I've made with the chances any potential employers might find it, and with the law.

I went to highschool in a wealthy, caucasian-dominant neighborhood in Orange County. This school was full of some of the worst and best people. There was definitely discrimination, intolerance, and even some segregation between Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics. But aside from this note, when I was 16, I had been suffering from depressive disorder that was going untreated  for 2 yrs by that time and my home life was getting out of hand so I considered dropping out of highschool because I felt that it was keeping me from getting ahead.  That, and I needed money to survive so I had to work somehow. All of these issues combined made dropping out a goal of mine to accomplish. Some of my teachers would humiliate me in front of my peers, and some of them would not stop the kids that were giving me a hard time for raising my hand to ask questions. Some teachers obviously felt pressure from students to hurry their lessons up as well, so those of us that had a hard time comprehending subjects we were poor at, would fall behind. This made school a miserable place. How do you learn in an environment where others try to keep you from doing so, just for laughs and to look cool in front of others? You don't. And the teachers that don't discipline their students, leave students like me behind.  I was a bright 3.5+ student full of potential.

Early Junior year, I was itching to leave all the bs behind, and would miss many days of school- with the knowledge of my stepmother by the way. And the school started keeping track of my attendance and ended up interviewing me and forcing me to sign a contract agreeing to attend school. The typical me would have abided, but I lost track and stopped caring. My disorder made it difficult to function in school; I would have emotional breakdowns in class and ask to be excused so that I could cry outside and come back in when I'm ready. Some of my teachers knew something was up, but they didn't address it. They just looked the other way. So I didn't attend classes some more which made things worse because the vice principal would talk to me and my counselor would talk to me and try to motivate me, but nothing they said would work. It would upset me some more. So I discussed school alternatives with my stepmom. I took the CHSPE twice and failed because my math skills were too weak. Then, I considered faking my transition into homeschooling which got the Superintendent's attention so he requested us to come in for a meeting to see if we were doing this legitimately, and found we were not and tried talking me back into high school. He didn't succeed, and decided to offer me an alternative; he offered to pull some strings at a local adult school so that I could go to school for 3 months there and finish my remainin credits to get a highschool diploma. I even had a probation officer monitoring me by that time so make sure I'd go through with the adult school program. But here's what happens... I registered and did all the necessary things to get started and the school told me to wait for them to call me back. Once the probation confirmed I had done this, I was let off and they stopped tracking me. 1 month later, no call back. I called them and asked them when they were going to take me. They said I was too young and told me that laws had changed since which prohibited them from taking me in due to my age. They even asked me to come back when I turn 17 1/2 yrs old. Ridiculous. From that moment on, I was off the hook.

Within this time, I had called the California Department of Education for some advice and information which lead me to "Daniel Sackheim"- the man who organizes alternative education for at-risk/at-promise children of k-12 in all of California. He was my mentor, then considered a "godfather", and now he's my "dad". Him and his peers offered me solutions- he had a friend in my area who was even willing to take me in and help take me to school everyday in a new area to put me out of my misery, but I was unwilling and hesitant. Later on in life, I went through a misfortunate situation with my biological mother and he kept me from becoming homeless.

Additional points I wanted to make were: Some teachers now adays are part of our problem. School districts aren't on top of things and some people aren't doing their job effectively. The educational system is weak in many areas and definitely falls short with leaving children behind. But people like my dad are victims of the state and system as well. There is no one training to fill his shoes. He is the only one filling this position up there, and the people he has to answer to and call "boss" try to sweep him under the rug when people request him to speak about certain topics concerning these issues we're discussing right here on EP. Some of the people of the system are doing all they can, but the posionous people outweigh the good. :/
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