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I Am A Non-trad Student

This means I am an adult going back to college later in life(age 55). I see an appalling level of ignorance in the students coming to college straight from high school. They have no comprehension, spelling, or research skills, and many lack simple common sense. (My room mate's 18 y/o daughter couldn't understand why there wasn't a supply list for college like they send out for K-12) It is obvious that "teaching to pass the tests" is an utter failure.All the testing in the world will not turn out an intelligent generation.
I am planning an entirely new teaching career after I get my Masters just because I truly fear growing old and having this generation of morons in charge when I get around to retiring!
gillianmcg gillianmcg 56-60, F 2 Responses Aug 26, 2010

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First kudos on finishing your education!<br />
<br />
As a college professor, I have noticed this decline in US education since the 80s. For math, science, English, history, psychology, etc. our K12 system has replaced facts, thinking, and work ethic with 'whole thinking' and 'feelings'. I taught Academic Writing to sophomores at a very good public university in the US from 05 to 08. I loved these kids, but truthfully they couldn't write their way out of a paper bag--and I was not allowed to 'give' anything but As (only 1 B+ in five semesters). So, because students are getting 12 years of 'you are special' education, now colleges and universities are following suit--making courses easy, while raising tuition to ridiculous levels to pay for lavish facilities. My advice is to keep up with your daughters learning in college to make sure she's getting an actual education. I think parents should 'occupy' college campuses and demand that sky high tuitions be explained in light of the fact that businesses and professional schools, for instance, are reporting new hires and candidates that are incapable of reading, writing, and computation--and worse yet, incapable of following rules, or listening to supervisors, or working with peers effectively. I am waiting for the first lawsuit...

thank you! I agree with you, that combined with the fact that some parents don't really parent their kids anymore! How is a child supposed to learn about how to live in the world? teach themselves? <br />
I shall spare you from my ranting.