So, I'm Screwed Out Of A Year.

It all started in my Freshman year of highschool. I hated the normal school setting and wanted to try something else after freshman year so I looked into online highschool for my Sophomore year. I liked it at first But quickly realized that I just couldn't continue on doing it succesfully, so I took classes in the summer to prepare myself because I was going back to my old school. Three weeks after starting my Junior year back at my old school I get called down to the guidance office to speak with my counselor and she tells me that because I tried something new there would be no possible way for me to graduate if I didn't take night classes along with my last two years. The way she explained it is that since they gave me a study hall in freshman year (which you get NO credit for) and the simple fact that trying something new that might work better for you get's ya screwed over in my school district I can't graduate on time without taking night classes. So now I have only 8.5 credits of a possible 10 and I'm supposed to have 16 in this school district because they offer more courses. No safety net for people transfering, no reserve you can tap, you're just supposed to get the shaft and get suckered out of basically half a year of highschool. If you're wondering why I don't have the 10 possible credits it's the same reason I transfered out of online schooling, I can't teach myself math. Plain and simple. I have always struggled in math and science and always blown through my english and art classes without breaking a sweat. That's also counting the Freshman study hall. Needles to say I am very pissed. Anyone else in a similar situation? ( It might seem confusing but just understand it's confusing for me to)
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Are we just posting random stuff here guys or are we actually reading my story?

Our education is that to battle, not only with yourself, with your neighbour, and yet love the neighbour? (Laughs) It becomes too ridiculous. So, having stated that, is there a way of living without conflict? I say there is, obviously. Which is to understand the division, to understand the conflict, to see how fragmented we are, not try to integrate the fragments, which is impossible, but out of that perception the action is entirely different from integration. Seeing the fragmentations which bring about conflict, which bring about division, which bring about this constant battle, anxiety, strain, heart failure.That is what is happening. To see it, to perceive it, and that very perception brings an action which is totally different from the action of conflict(here your education). Because the action of conflict has its own energy, brings its own energy, which is divisive, which is destructive, violent. But the energy of perception and acting is entirely different. And that energy is the energy of creation. Anything that is created cannot be in conflict.anything that is generated can be corrupted. An artist who is in conflict with his colors, he is not a creative human being. He may have perfect craft, perfect technique, a gift for painting, but that's...

I am not the perfect student in the world but I see dumber and dumber kids every single year. They reteach things we have been learning for years, no one can read a word with 3 or more syllables without pausing, and kids just don't have a grip on reality anymore. I don't think the school is leaving us behind, I think we have failed the school.