Dag Nabbit, You Aren't Just Leaving Behind The "lost Souls".

Tutorial. Wasting hours of life in my high school since the beginning of this school year.
Fail the practice ACT test, and you are doomed to a wasted hour a day for the rest of your high school life.
Theres no way out. Trust me, Ive written letters.
I never started thinking about how wrong this stupid excuse for a course really IS until my best friend got stuck in it.
My friend. Lets call him Bill. Bill is a really cool kid, ya know? He works harder than I ever do, just because he likes to learn. Hes the weird quiet kid who draws dragons during the entire lecture then answers every question the teach asks.

Bill is a wizard with a pencil and a sheet of paper. He can regurgitate facts about almost anything. He is an A and B student, because he TRIES. But he can't for the life of him pass a standardized test.

I dont know if he is a "bad test taker" or if he is just dumb by public education standards, but I dont care. I know for a fact that he cherishes intellectual conversation and he is the most ambitious guy I know.

And I know that he will go farther in this world than the really ******* lazy, uninspired kids like me whose test results are consistently in the 95th percentile on the ACT test. God only knows how Ill make it through college with my lame excuse for an ambition, but the Bills of this world will never have the money, and thanks to this ******* tutorial, his chances at going to college are even slimmer.

So what the hell is up with "Tutorial"? The class that, for no grade or credits, takes up three class periods per school year teaching the exact, EXACT same curriculum as the regular courses we are all required to take already?

I wanted to write a letter. I dunno to who, now that the principle, counselors, and teachers have ignored me,(Bill suggests superintendent, but he made me promise not to use his name.) but I mean, Im pretty good at raising hell with a passionately albeit poorly written letter.
Do yall think I should right a letter? I know Im a drama kingqueen, but ****. Nothing is gonna get done around that hell hole if i dont.

Aaaanyways. Sigh.
Psychosquid Psychosquid
Jan 9, 2013