Northern Virginia

Is there a person out there who can explain the way public education works in northern Virginia?  I would love to hear your take. 

My understanding is this. 

The rest of the citizens largely dink around, toying at getting their children good educations, usually comforting themselves and their own lack of effort by compairing their children's schools to the city or state next door -- even Homer wouldn't send his kids to school in Shelbyville. 

But the citizens of counties in northern Virginia, many of whom hold jobs in our capital, have not forgotten how wicked and difficult the world can be.  Perhaps this is because they work in Washington.  Regardless, they participate in annual placement matches(?) that I hear rival the behavior of sharks at the chum bucket.  They know, either by instinct or by observation, that the best thing things in life tend to go to the best prepared.  They ride their children without mercy to perform, maybe because they also sense that the best things in life tend to go to the best performers. 

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1 Response Mar 28, 2010

I think because they don't have the answers. So they do what they were taught by their parents. <br />
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The lives of people in a metro area are so jam packed full of things to do that they just can't keep up with it all.