What's Coming To The US; Suing The School System: It Didn't Make Sure I Was Entitled To College Entrance

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An 18-year-old Melbourne woman is suing her former school after she failed to make the grade for her desired university course.

Rose Ashton-Weir blames Geelong Grammar School for her failure to make the cutoff to study law at the University of Sydney, saying it did not do enough to support her learning.

Ms Ashton-Weir has taken her case to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and her mother is suing the school for lost income and other expenses, The Age reports.

She says the school failed to support her in maths and English as her grades started to slip.

The teenager claims her teachers told her to use fewer large words, which left her doubting her essay writing abilities.

"I didn't ever feel I was getting the support I needed to really excel," she now says of her time at Geelong Grammar.

Ms Ashton-Weir's mother, Elizabeth Weir, is suing the school claiming she was forced to give up her lucrative fortune cookie business to support her daughter when she moved to Sydney to finish her secondary studies.

Ms Ashton-Weir boarded at the school in 2008 and 2009, but moved to Sydney to complete her studies at TAFE.

She now studies a double degree in arts and sciences at the University of Sydney.

A lawyer for Geelong Grammar has defended the school, citing Ms Ashton-Weir's many absences and 'internal suspension'.

Darren Ferrari also points out Ms Ashton-Weir qualified to study law at several other highly regarded universities.

Elizabeth Weir says the school knew her daughter struggled in maths despite her intelligence, but failed to provide adequate support.

In defending Geelong Grammar, Mr Ferrari noted Ms Ashton-Weir's school reports prove she failed to complete school work.

The hearing will resume in August.
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May 23, 2012