Ahh... Irony.

To me, Irony is the greatest form of humor. Sure, there are great moments when someone says some hysterical, but that person is hardly ever me. I see irony all the time where other people just pass by it. My stepmom knows me and just gives me a sideways glance when I snicker at something because she knows I hardly ever share it. Often the thought that gives me a burst of humor is the result of a long train of thought that not even I could retrace. My mind wanders... What if this... What would my reaction be in that situation?

My little three year old step-sister is bringing me back from my own thoughts... She just started playing with some cards from the game 'Taboo' and says that they say "I love you. I love you. I love you." No irony there. This is one of the moments that I hope to remember in 15 years.

phasma phasma
18-21, M
Feb 23, 2009