Car Crash Laugh


My husband got me a car on Xmas day. Not a new one, just a reliable mean of transportation. However, because I don't have any driving experience, he would drive it until I got some lessons.

I was too excited so i asked him to let me drive it 2 blocks before going home. A little hesitant, he say ok but he shouldn't and i think it was stupid of me asking him. Some years ago he was attempting to teach me but he really puts me nervous and really tense so i almost crashed a convenience store. He yells to much. This time was not different, I drove all fine until I got to the front of the garage and even when he said stop, I just went ahead and try to part it inside.

Bad idea. I crashed exactly at the corner of the garage and damage the hood so bad it would have to be changed!

My husband got all pissed off but I could not stop laughing at my stupidity, at him yelling at me before and after the incident and at the fact that it was so ironic that I crashed the car the same day I got it!

If you cannot laugh about things like this, life would be so bad for me. I am happy that I have a good way to deal with sad or bad moments, especially if no one is hurt.

Funny thing I would never find funny someone falling or experiencing any kind of pain, like the ones they show on bloopers. I just feel bad and hope they dont hurt themselves.

dolcelina dolcelina
26-30, F
Feb 23, 2009