Telling The Troubble From Love Relationships

After seeing My bff sis and hearing all the problems ive try my best by going into school and to inspire her husband but it looks like Nothing working and her dreams are falling apart i though he was a great guy but a 150% of love to 60% is not good i wish i could of been him and may be have could done better i never know. it looks like what i went trough but i was the victim and she was abuses me past reference now he verbal abuses her as a best friend i love to step in help the best i could but barely getting my life together and her brothers hates me it looks like shes in a lot of trouble This is why i ask my self and think is Love worth all of this when i see her sad some times she Says yes as my life coach I must agree only getting so far from her advice it the best she could do i still have my believes of finding the right woman with a sweet heart and soul and i wont abuse her verbal. May be i am thinking that the idea i told her would bother her heart to accept My money that is a true women and i still will keep my promise to get my Life together and take her route to look good and be a proper gentlemen i Gotta say It get me upset to imagine Stupid dum ideas that a man argues about everything instead of helping out and accepting some of the Help i give and i admit Ive argue but my past was a true Lie. But i was told better to always be the Better Man and not Deal with this Gangster Drama Acting like Kids when your 28 years old and being a mule runner and being told what to do THANK YOU SIS I WILL SHOW YOU THAT REVENGE WILL BE SERVED WITH SUCCESS. :)
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 IN SOON TIME I wish them the best Love always
lifeswindwounder lifeswindwounder
26-30, M
Nov 15, 2012