im 13 years old, and about 11 months ago, i started to realize that i saw the number 7:14 a lot. Mostly on clocks. It seemed like everytime i would look at the clock, every time i just decided to glance, it would be 7:14. At first, i thought it was just coincidence

This has been goin on since august of 2009. Now i see it on lisence plates, area codes, addressess, page numbers, and just everywhere. Today is july 14th-or-  7-14. Im terrified something bads going to happen to me today, and i dont know what to do. So i did some research and found this website and page. I thought that i was the only one, but now that i know 2 other people see it, i know it isnt coincidence. I also looked up on google, "why do i see the number 658 everywhere" and used many other numbers, and the only one that actually got results was 714, and 911.

Thats only a short undetailed story, of what ive experienced.
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I have been seeing the number 714 since I was 13. I remember the first time I saw it. Over the last thirty years I have seen it and only that particular number so many times and in the weirdest places - it is not even funny. I once saw it out of the corner of my eye through bushes on a freeway post about two inches big, while doing seventy on a curve at night! I get packages from Amazon and when I got to throw away the box - there it is - 714 alone on the inside bottom of the box. It has been the end number on a few of my credit cards. It currently resides as the expiration date on one of them. Just last week I pulled up to a gas pump and the customer before me had obviously pumped 7 dollars and fourteen cents worth of gas. I get a 714 at least once a week for the last thirty years. Every other week they are so idiosyncratic that I have to just smile or chuckle out loud. You are not alone fellow 714ers and I don't think it is a bad omen. I have lived with the digits for 30 years. I never use them though. I did for this post name but I never have in the past.

I grew up in a house with the address of 714...I keep see the number all the time...I don't know what to think....Im just relieve to hear that other people see the number. I don't totally dismiss what your husband says......but I would like to believe something else......