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Smoke Alarms

OK. we all have those days.

So far I have set the smoke alarm off....twice. Baking cookies. Trying to tweak a recipe so it has less sugar, and fat and salt. Bllltthhtt!!! Healthy cookies.

I put a hand wash only dress in the washer AND the dryer. Now my god-daughter's doll can wear it.

I got the CD jammed into the CD player in the car. and dropped a whole pan of mac and cheese on the floor. But don't have any swifter pads to mop with so naturally I can't find the real mop.

 The screw up fairy s working overtime today.

But if I keep her busy here, maybe y'all can be safe....for a little while.

Toby2day Toby2day 51-55, F 5 Responses Oct 29, 2009

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lol toby

lol. I've had the same thing happen a few times.

LOL "The screwup fairy" is where I accidentally witnessed supposed live footage of a vampire on "Animal Planet". I won't be sleeping tonight or for a while. This is worse then when I saw "Exorcist" I think! The people did seem quite fake; though, it won't help me sleep much.

awesome. :)

I set the smoke alarm off once. I must have overheated some cooking oil. It set the kitchen on fire! As the cupboards went up in flames, I grabbed my baby and ran to the neighbors and called the fire department. Those firemen performed a miracle! they not only put out the fire......they had machines that cleaned all the smoke out of the two story town house. The damage was only $250.