Reading some of these posts from this and other sites about a coming civil war, are so incorrect that it borders on being illegal. Yes we have problems and yes our politicians, from both parties need to be voted out of office, starting with the Dear leader Obama. Im gonna guess that thoes who are posting on here are mainly college students or rich baby-boomers. You all sound like typical brain washed liberals. There is alot of tough talk, threats and self-righteousness. As a current Marine, I know you have no idea what war is like. The toughest talkers here are onna be the ones who **** their pants when the first bullet whizzes by your heads. Also, this isnt gonna divide into 2 nice and neat separate nations. it will be fought by urban vs rural, left vs right, religous vs atheists.
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When they order you to go into the streets of America and take guns away from law abiding citizens, and to capture and detain those same citizens and put them in concentration camps, I hope that you decide to stand up for what America is supposed to be, and forget about that paycheck they give you.

sorry i do feel there is a war coming rich vs poor<br />
to amny right for rich and nothing for working class<br />
to many rights for peole that have no right to be here but yet we do not take care of our our vets<br />
think 4 years on a waitning list for a servce conneted injury is just pain stuipedi get shuved to the said as theyhave to treat others first viet nam do not get ptsd

While it is true many of those with the worst rhetoric, I have seen this coming on for quite some time, in fact I'm surprised it hasn't started as of yet, but to many are still fat, dumb and happy. As long as they can get their food, and their beer, they'll sit by and decry the state of things. <br />
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Well, our current potus, is seemingly trying to accelerate the process. As they push the class warfare agenda, they widen the gap, stifle discourse and foster discontent. Look at the Occupy movement as an example. Big bad business is to blame, the gov't can't possibly be a part of the problem, after all they want nothing but the best for us and take care of us," Yeah, Right!<br />
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I agree that there isn't going to be two sides, Right / Left. The ones you failed to include are the racial ones, that on top of everything else will just fuel the flames.<br />
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I see the country right now as a dry forest, just waiting for the spark that will ignite the conflagration. And when that happens, God Save Us.

You are right these fools have no idea whats going on. Most would just give up the freedom so many have given their lives to preserve and protect. College students or rich baby-boomers, have no idea what they are supporting.<br />
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They should pick up a weapon and walk a post. <br />
<br />
college students or rich baby-boomers. <br />
<br />
Semper Fidelis Brother

I agree mostly except the tern "would", I believe too many already have. We've started down the slippery slope and I think we're too far gone not to fall.

Good post - thanks. So who is going to be involved in this upcoming Civil War exactly?