I May Be a Sissy, But Not An Ole Miss Type

I love wearing bow and lace embellished antebellum hoop skirts, huge petticoats and carrying a dainty lace parasol as much as anyone, but this is pure asininity.


States rights always has been, and always will be little more than a code for racism whether the people who advocate it realize it, much less admit it. One need only look at the sudden shift to Republican, or red state, allegiance in the formerly solid [Democrat] south after the recent Civil Rights movement. Now we have a black President and the pathetic rebel flags are out again.

Of course one need not be in south to be a clog headed red neck, as the examples of northern or western stupidity shown in other posts, clearly indicate.

I am a southerner. At least two of my ancestors were Confederate officers, one of whom still lies buried at Vicksburg, the victim of Federal guns and States’ rights equally.

As for the Constitution, where were these voices of outrage and protest during the years of the Bush dictatorship? The Patriot Act? The domestic spying? The torture? The signing statements? The imaginary executive privileges? The lies that got us into Iraq? The blindness to the due process guarantees of that same Constitution?

I’ve been around too long, honey childs, to fall this nonsense. Let’s call a spade, a spade; and the State’s Rights argument what it really is, a front for racism. The President of the United States, and the First Lady, are Black. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

Now I know, for most of you on this subject, your ideal President would be Jefferson Davis. I have to point out, dears, that while it is true that when he was captured at the end of the war, he was in drag, it wasn’t because he was a real sissy. That takes guts. He was just a looser coward trying to run away from the war he was richly responsible for, and lost. (I can just hear the red state advocates mimicking their mentor, "Heck of a job Davie!")

Oh, and by the way, the South never did rise. It sunk to the lowest depths of American history. It was crushed. And, it has been trying it’s hardest to lie on its racist belly ever since. The same goes for Republican Yankee sympathizers.

Now, hush your mouth!

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You go girl !!!!