Why Should We Be Friends With Our Enemies?

If Barry is making overt gestures like a video to make friends with our enemies, why?

This was on Drudge report:

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran played down President Barack Obama's new video message to the Iranian people on Friday, saying it welcomed the overtures but warned that decades of mistrust can't easily be erased.

Obama released the video to coincide with the major Iranian festival of Nowruz, a 12-day holiday that marks the arrival of spring and the beginning of the new year in Iran. In the video, which has Farsi subtitles, Obama said the U.S. is prepared to end the strained relations if Tehran tones down its combative rhetoric.

"Obama has talked of change but has taken no practical measures to address America's past mistakes in Iran. If Mr. Obama takes concrete actions and makes fundamental changes in U.S. foreign policy toward other nations including Iran, the Iranian government and people will not turn their back on him," Ali Akbar Javanfekr told the Iranian state-run English-language Press TV satellite station.

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8 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Barry is a fool, These people do not want to be friends. They want to destroy us. Wake up and Smell the coffee.<br />
<br />
Obama is so out of his league, and is walking this country in to a disaster

People need to look in the mirror to identify who their enemy truly is.

"small town" in a flyover state fe?<br />

You're right aproud,<br />
The government is us in many ways, to voice our opinions and dissent, to help our communities become the best they can be. I live in a small town and through my church we are helping those who cannot always help themselves. Feeding the poor, helping the sick and infirmed are important things to do.<br />
Emailing our state reps and senators about causes we are passionate about are other ways we are a part of the government.<br />
Good comment.<br />
<br />

What are americans doing to help their country, I mean except watching Obama on TV. Is this a baseball game where you watch and hoot? Go out there do something while there is still some time otherwise you will be left holding the baby.<br />
A government is simply not just the business of Obama but very much your and mine business too.

well, it's better to have productive relations than destructive.<br />
<br />
but, regarding Iran specifically, the bush administration made a comment about Iran that's still in effect.

ND, You know you may be right. Guess they forgot to tell us. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment.<br />
<br />

My dear Mr. Not Darcy: Americans of Southern extraction who see a second Civil War on it's way, and are no doubt pleased at the prospect, can never grasp the simple clarity of your statement. Perhaps it's the the wretched public school system. Maybe it's something in the water here. Don't go out on that limb I beg you. They'll grab the old flintlock, or AK-37, and shoot you right out of that tree.