I can provide sort of a rabbithole for people if they ask me questions that has to do with deep thinking about life and the universe.

I want people to love eachother.
And feel like they never have to be afraid to ask or say anything, whatever they wish to be.

I have voices talking ion my head coming from people I have been around in my life.

I want to find people who are willing to be open to big ideas and to the world and universe, and open to big changes in belief.
because deep inside, I think the world today is twisted in a way.

I know my days growing up, when I was younger, was hard to deal with, much of the things my parents said was just wrong to me, it was more like "I HAD to"..
and I jus tknow it wasn't supposed to be that way, why would we be born into a world where the first parts was going to be about how wrong we were, and how we needed to change to "fit in"
no other being on earth does that.

I am convinced.
Sometimens really strange here, some thing is twisted. and I can't really see where it begins or where it ends, I jsut know I'm inthe middle of it, and people are suffering all over the globe.

Where supposed to be the life that makes up the earth, an dyet we are in War? with eachother?
it doesn't make sense.

this goes deeper than the physichal wars.

THere is a war going on within my own head too.
and between people.
We just don't get along fluently, we always seem to want to somehow *beat* the others.
Like we want to be th eones walking away with the trophy.
like we can't really be honest or show our true colors but we have to play a game, or hold back love.

personally, i just can't stand being around that situation for too long, it just bugs me to no end!
I have to find solitude and be for myself.

I think earth might be in danger? I know that sounds strange, but I don't know? Eithe rit's earth who is in danger, or it is humanity who is in some kind of maybe not danger, but a struggle, a life long struggle at that, and longer, a struggle that seemed to have been here evne before we were born here, before I was born at least.

Everything is different now because of all the games people in my age and older are playing all the time, when I was younger almost no one was playing these mind games.
it was much mroe honest back then, at least that's what I dream it was, as my memory sometimes fails me drsatically.
I do think
something is wrong with the way people live today, that is definitely something I can say with confidence.
I'm not the only one who believes that.

I think we have to enter a new era , in wich we put aside almost everything else except for the really personal individual sensation of what it really means to us to be here in this life.
TO have been born here.

does it make sense?
hample hample
22-25, M
Aug 30, 2014