Something Changing

im running a long path in front of me. there are trees at both sides of the path but there is a gap at each side so i cant jump over. i look beside me and the are kids running with me.suddenly i see something in the back ground a black mishaped body on a black horse i look beside me again and the kids are disapearing one by one. the light gets bigger i fall into it and the figure is gone the white light takes over and im stood there no sound no noise just me
shadowolf132 shadowolf132
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2007

I had a vision somewhat similar to this several years back, but the figure I saw was female (did u say yours was male?)...and she walked beside the trailer my friend was living in, slowly walked away. Days later I learned that my friend had cancer and refused treatment, so he was dying...and the girl he was with left him that week. Sorry. Random. No link. Just stumbled in.

Wow thats great I must ask thow.Was that a dream or just something that you wrote to show your true felings and the way that you see life as it passes you by?<br />
Love and light to u .Phoenix x