I have always saw life as a gift; something precious and beautiful. I always see things for their true beauty, too. Most people don't realize that a dusty chair in the middle of an old room, or a grey sky on a foggy afternoon, or a gravel road just after the rain, are some of the most beautiful things you can see. I love art... and I see our life and the world as a beautiful work of art. One of a kind, wonderfully unique, and truly beautiful.
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5 Responses Jul 2, 2007

Lol... well.... thank you all. I know just what you mean. It truly is amazing... neverending beauty....

Great story :)

Absolutely true! Being an artist I look deep into things, find beauty in the crack in the wall, or the wilted flower, a bug on a leaf...just all the things most people take for granted. Thank you for shareing this....i don't feel so alone in that now.


I feel the same way, even when it rains, I'll say what a beautiful day, I can almost feel the plants and grass drink, and feel happy. Your right nature, life is beautiful