This Is a Rather Cyclopian Que...

This is a rather cyclopian question?

 H-m-m-m I'm thinking ,

I am still seeing it through these green puppies I have always gazed through.

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PS I need to clarify - my daughter doesn't like seeing thru her 3rd eye because she can't always interpret it. Mox

Third eye seeing - such a calming way to look at things - puts your brain outta gear for awhile. I love seeing purple through mine. For many years it was black. Couldn't see anything. With practice and relaxation - I now can see colors. My daughter gets very perplexed by her 3rd eye. She saw 9/11 the night before it happened thru it. She called me and was very upset by the men with dark beards. Her dog Haley licks her forehead and that gives my daughter some relief. She does not like "being psychic". She doesn't know how to handle it.

The All Seeing Eye, the Third Eye. The Center, whatever it is called. The frontal lobe of the brain houses judgement and self control and self determination and common sense, and boundaries. <br />
WHEN DRUNK, this part of the brain goes to sleep. That is why drunk people do such stupid things that ordinarily they would not do.<br />
<br />
Everyone needs to have <br />
"sharp vision" in this "eye", and not just for driving!<br />
<br />

I think this is more for pirates (with an eye patch) instead of an armored knight! ;}