Dark Door.

I see it in two different ways. 1st is in dream... I've had it since I was about 13...I see stairs leading up and then turn to left ...but all around is space itself stars moons suns n ect ... and stairs r floating... and in dream I walk up n go to left,walk a bit come to a door on right n as I open it the brightest light ever appears,n its so bright I cnt see anything, then I wake up. 2nd is I have same vision as I'm awake but after I open door I see the most beautiful thing ever but I'd like to share it with any who'd like to hear rest. N also I have more I wanna share too. Pls anyone message me if Ud like to tlk or listen. Thanks.
lostsoul7 lostsoul7
26-30, M
Sep 24, 2012