I Have Seen Things That Others Don't See.

*When I was about 11, I was having a hard time falling asleep, after switching side to side for what seemed like forever, out of no where, it sounded like someone kicked my bedroom door and it flew open bounced off the wall closed about half way and opened up all the way again. I never felt so terrified in my life, I laid there frozen and eventually fell asleep.
Shortly after that I would wake up hearing someone whispering my name, I would wake up numerous times to see who it was, and of course there was nothing there. Eventually, it didn't bother me I simply ignored it.
When I was 13, I noticed at night I would see balls of light floating around in my room, I would see white and blue mainly. Never understood why I saw it. One night I was heading up the stairs to go to bed and on the second step a HUGE black figure outlined in red appeared in front of me. I literally could not move. After I got the courage to move I flipped the light on and it was gone.
I came home from school and when I went up to my room to set my bag in there I opened my door and I saw a figure about 6 foot tall standing in the corner of my room leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.
I must have been about 14 or 15, but I was next door babysitting a 2 year old and a 5 year old. I was upstairs and I happened to look in the baby's room and I saw a huge black mass with red eyes and black smoke coming off of it. I never went up there again.
*Shortly after that we moved to a new apartment across the road*
I was 16, upset, because my boyfriend had serious issues and had to move to Illinois for awhile( I wont get into that to long of a story, but i will mention that his mother died when he was 14) after I came home I was laying in bed watching TV and felt like I was being watched from all corners of the room. I felt like they wanted me to speak but I was to devastated to. Not to mention terrified. Then I saw and felt my blanket tug like someone was going to pull the covers off of me. I flew out of my room and did not sleep in there for about a week. (he had a lot of family members die, I sometimes wonder if his mother was there that night my blankets were tugged at, he also stayed over at our house a lot) We didn't stay at that apartment for very long, so that was the only experience I had there. We moved to a new town yet again, to another apartment. And we are still at the same place.
The bedroom that I had (we ended up switching bedrooms) I always felt like I was being watched in my room, I even recorded a video on my phone of my clothes swaying back and forth in my closet (I assure you the window was closed and there was no fan blowing) Not much has happened here. For awhile nothing really happened, we all have noticed little things like my brother's bedroom door opening by its self (which was originally my room) and the front door opening by its self, the first night we moved in we heard a glass slide across the counter and saw shadows walking in front of the window.
I was 19 and putting my 8 month old daughter to sleep in my brother's room. I looked up and saw a man about 5'8 wearing all black standing in the doorway, once I started at him for a few seconds, he walked out. My husband (now ex) is 5'10, I got up to make sure it wasn't him just playing tricks on me, but he was in the other room watching TV. A few nights after that I was putting my daughter to sleep in my moms room. I look out the bedroom door and I see the same man standing in the doorway, and yet again he just walked away after a few seconds. I saw him for a third time. I was walking into the kitchen and I looked down the hallway there he was again. Hunched over and looking down the hallway almost as if he was mocking me. And vanished. Never saw him again,
A few months after that happened, I left husband and he moved out. Since he has been gone, I haven't experienced anything personal. I no longer feel paranoid, like someone is watching me. I no longer live in fear in this house.
But my little brother(15) experiences things in his bedroom ALL the time. He has seen things fly across the room, his bedroom door opens by its self (only seems to happen when the dog wants out or when he locks his door and doesn't get up on time for school) he has had hand prints appear on his window out of no where. And has had grocery bags move by themselves in his room. And one time he even had food fly across his room.
And today, our front door has locked by its self, twice.

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Last night I was alone and it was really dark then when I looked up I saw a big black figure the same way that you described the thing you saw I