Help Me Try to Understand Myself

I see things..... imagine you go to sleep and dream about the people that you want to see, or your awake and you really dont want to see the people you are seeing. because they are dead! I SEE THIS EVERY DAY.  im scared of waking up im scared of going to sleep, my own shadow makes me jump i have done this since i was 7 i am 26 now. my nan was a clairvoyant. and before she died she told my mum i would be gifted im so scared of it as i never believed in it BUT I DO NOW there are so many stories and peolple i meet i can tell you most of theres, not all of them i dont want to try i hate it, help me please someone. 

pleasehelpmeimlost pleasehelpmeimlost
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I just your story,im going though the same thing people tell me that im gifted i get scared some time even going to sleep at makes me scared,like the night before i saw people from the 1930 with my Aunt and her sisters in my dream i really done know what to do i need someone to tell me about myself so i can know who im.thanks

i am 12 years old and have been seeing frightening spirts walking around my house. i have not told anyone. and yet, they talk to me. i honestly dont know what to do. i need advice. i think i am gifted or something.

your lying... i know i am beeing rude.. but i cant help it anymore.. everytime i see your pose i just have to say the truth.. dont lie about it ok? cause if it was real? you were saying your cursed not gifted! maybe i am wrong..cause i cant see ghosts and aliens... but i know when someone lying i can feel it! and in start i actually abit believed you but when you said "i think i am gifted or something" i understood you have no clue what you are talking about... *i am sorry for beeing rude*

yes it is frightening... i have always had these abilities and i get scared and paranoid when im on my own... it's worse at night when it's dark. i always switch all the lights on and i sleep better in the day.<br />
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i see white and black silohettes all the time in the corners of my eyes and i hear voices...i feel the saddest feelings...