I See Things Before I Fall Asleep

when im really tired its like my imagination or something in my head is set off and i see things, scary sometimes and just weird other times.
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I totally know what you mean, sometimes when your brain is preparing for sleep mode, it can start creating false-imaging where ever your eyes are focusing on. An example of this may be when you are really tired and you see something quickly shoot across the bed or on the wall etc. this is perfectly natural but very creepy. I remember I was very tired and I thought I could see a black cat running across the floor and into my wall, it soon disappeared and therefor I get very worried about these things. Seeing things before falling asleep is very common when you are so tired that you feel very dizzy and you can't keep your eyes open. Don't worry, whatever you see is definitely not there. Hope I have helped.

or metaphorical things often though it is just our mind wandering around, and does this more while were sleeping we just dont always remember it. maybe its just a warm up before the dream

I have similar experiences. I see faces, buildings, forests along with other things. I feel it is a connection to past lives and glimpes into the future.