When I'm so tired & try to stay awake, I see things that aren't there. I've seen deer, police & people. This happens when I'm riding in the car trying to stay awake to make sure the driver doesn't fall asleep. I tend to humor them because I say crazy stuff that makes no sense, even to me. Like my brain & mouth aren't communicating right. It's pretty funny.
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Have you seen the big black dog.?
Apparently so the myth goes, and many long distance drivers will agree, not many people who see the black dog survive.
I used to drive a lot between Uk France and Spain.
Spain especially was a bad place for delusions.
Spiders like terrantulas on the dash board was a favourite.
Tiredness creeps up on you unexpectedly and many divers are killed because of it taking over suddenly without warning.

I did see the black dog.
On a motorway down from Benidorm to Alicante.
I was doing a fair speed and I saw this gigantic dog in the middle of the road like a wall.

I braked really really hard and got away with it.
Ever since I am now aware, and even if I think I am alright, I now recognise symptoms of tiredness which are usually brushed aside by most people.

Haven't seen it.

I never fall asleep at the wheel because I have a fear of falling asleep at the wheel and it keeps me awake.
I tend to turn on the music loud and imagine that I am back in high school in a battle of the bands competition (btw, I have no musical talent), but if the volume is all the way up I sound just like anyone playing through my speakers.

Lol. Good way to stay awake. & yes, with the music up, we do sound like anyone on the speakers.