Religious zealots........... They hate everything and everyone but their "God." I can't understand why people have to judge others for things that are totally NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! If everyone just went about their lives not worring about what other folks were doing, life would be so much better!

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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I think the majority of christians are a lot better than you think. It's just that the ones we meet that are annoying are the one's that feel compelled to tell us they're christian and act all holy.

Real religion is what you do, definitely little to do with what you say.

it's been my experience that the more some one shuns or belittles religious zealots it's because they are angry. <br />
<br />
Your comment seems to have two of the same sides. Your comtempt for them and their religion and what you seem to think is their comtempt for you or everything other than their religion.<br />
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Either way neither way is right.

It even says in the Bible that if you think you're religious, you should shut your mouth. Plain as day in James Chapter one verse 26 and 27 !! Google it if ya don't believe me.

I totally agree. It seems fanaticism of all kinds only continue to grow in this society.