The Beauty of Our Connection

We all are formulars, made and distinguished by GOD. In each person lyes a catalyst, meant to bring forth great change to the world. Just with his or her determination and will from GOD. In the direction GOD gave us, the pathway is established. A passage to great result and no doubt. For in the hands of GOD is Knowledge. By this Knowledge we are catalysts, by one goal we are connected. Our actions give reaction, so do are reactions give actions. Simultaneously or spontaneously we cause impacts everyday. What matters most is the effect of the impact, either Good or Bad. There is only one Happiness. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, we are given hope. A chance to give and make GOD proud. To show the beauty of GOD by the actions he commands us, For the reactions in his name, are the joys and desires that man always wants, For a life of peace.

Paxy2 Paxy2
22-25, M
Mar 28, 2009