I see pain in her eyes as she smiles, yet nobody notices, I see the look in her eyes of sadness that could stretch for miles, but nobody seems to see, I ask what's wrong she says she's fine, yet I see her eyes are saying help me, so I decide to make her smile, but this time genuinely, I'm making it my mission to make her happy, yet the sadness in her eyes never seems to fade away, I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, so I ask and she says what you? No way, but as I look deeper in her eyes I realize that the sadness isn't in her eyes but the reflection of my eyes is what I see, with this revelation I see ,I was simply running away from truth that was clearly in front of me, so I'm lost and confused, what should I do I ask myself, wondering how I could I be depressed, yet it's all repressed, so as I look into her eyes I realize they're simply a reflection of what I'm feeling, and me wanting to make her happy was simply a form of self healing.
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I love this sooooo much!

Thanks alot appreciate, glad liked it. : )