I must be a boring person really or led a sheltered life!
I didn't think l was, but I've noticed some folks on here have literally hundreds of experiences, some have thousands and they're only age 25?

Really? Wow!

Gee...how many experiences can one cram in to their life!

I've only 150 experiences, l thought that was a lot!

Guess, I'm not as experiemced as l thought l was lol.

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There's many more to add to my tally

I know what you mean. I've seen people on here with more than 4,000 experiences. Even at my age, that's a bit more than can believed. I read someone's comment on here taking EP'ers to task for 'collecting experiences' and who said she was going to write something for each and every one of her experiences on here to show they were real. That got me to thinking and I decided to do the same. I've only had time to do about half of them (70 or so), but I'm goingto do it over time. And it also caused me to go slow on adding new ones for now. I will say I've added some mostly because I want to follow the stories, not because I've done that thing (ie, "I'm a Female Exhibitionist"). There's also the thing about having a similar but misspelled version that you also want to follow ("I'm a Female Exhibtionist"). Too bad EP doesn't make it so you can fave a category w/o saying, "(I've...)".Basically I'd like to see people on here doing less collecting of Experiences and more sharing theirs.

Good question. I've written a couple of things already for some that I haven't experienced. I can't remember specifically without going to look, but I think for instance on the female exhibitionist on I wrote something about a woman at work who was wearing something that suggested she might be a closet exhibitionist, so that one was real for me. You could take that approach to others that you were following but hadn't done, I guess...?