Dream Affection

In the dreams, I would saunter down the streets of the city, stopping in to the diner for some cherry pie and coffee, walking along in the sun, checking out the storefronts. Stop by the old pipe & tobacco shop, chat with the greying old guys behind the counter. Look out over the shore and the cliffs.

I will never forget finding her dream shop for the first time, stepping inside the weird curio store. The minimal vintage furniture, the exquisite placement of objects in space, the odd stuffed turkey buzzard, the light. The moment I saw her come in to the room, the wave of passionate affection was overpowering. The gratefulness of being in our shared presence, finally. And us both knowing it, immediately. How could we do anything but fall into each other's arms? How could we not walk arm in arm down the sidewalks of the dream city? It was as if we had instantly become overt custodians of whatever it was that we recognized was between us.

How is it possible to feel affection more strongly and more undenied in a dream than in waking life? What does it mean to be able to feel more love in a dream for someone you've never known, than for real people when one is awake?
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41-45, M
Jan 8, 2013