Talking To Mormons

So remote is my area, 3 houses making a fragmented Hamlet, that the passing mormons would give us some entertainment. One of them was Greek!! As an athiest, I tried to appear on the level ground, neither in favour for or against...but they kept pushing...this is what mormons believe etc etc.

Casually I moved it on to Saints. Different saints are recognised through the world. Some are not recognised by other countries though. "what of joan of arc. She is the paitron saint of france, no?" ...."well not really for us. Every side in WW2 for example came out with "God is with you", and often after victory, the leaders are named saints, or ...with god." ...."So, jesus never saying he was the son of god, according to matthew, and several other apostles could be viewed in the same light then, surely"

....Although I cannot disprove god...I like this arguement of "god being on everyone's side"...someone has to be wrong! Could be Buddha, the Jews, Hindu, or the Egyptian gods...after devoting our lives to what ever we'd believed...some of us are definately in for a shock when we die!

To have a point, rather than just a voice - Don't waste your time believing in something, unless it's what you love. Use your time wisely here, and then if you ever lose or gain faith, you can look back at the life you lived in full, rather than in 4 walls with a choir suit on.

Firemanmatt Firemanmatt
May 4, 2012