The First Recollection

my first tramatic exsperience was when i was 13, i had trouble sleeping. i knew there would be a horrible death that would be profound for the family involved. my father, seeing that i could not sleep, was bothered, asked me what was going on. i told him that i felt that a horrible accident was going to happen. I did not know names, details other than it would be tramatic for the soon to be or the family. all i felt was sorrow, a great sorrow. the next day the local news paper had an accedent on the front page. i knew that this was it. before it happened i was crying, upset and could not sleep. i felt that somehow i was close to me eventhough i did not recognise any names and there was no family connection. since then i get unpersonal preminitions

rprl1967 rprl1967
Feb 15, 2009