Mum And Me

I had been listening to Mum and trying to peek at her when she went to the bathroom for as long as I could remember. But this day all my wishes and dreams came together at once. It was a day I can never forget. I hadn't been well and Mum had stayed home from work to be with me. I was feeling better [especially after being allowed to stay off school] we went shopping in town and as we were driving home I noticed that Mum was kinda fidgeting as she drove the car. She would squeeze her thighs together, try to shift on the car seat as she struggled to drive. I asked her what was the matter and at first she would just glance and say "nothing honey." As we were nearing home she was holding one hand over her belly more and more. I asked again, "Whats the matter, Mum?" This time she said, "Mummy needs to go to the toilet badly." Her very words excited me. I wondered if I would get a chance to see her rather than just listen, I kept wondering if she would be so desperate she wouldn't have time to close the bathroom door properly. All of these thoughts whirled around in my head as she finally drove down the drive to our home. She almost shouted to me, "Bring in the shopping honey." I watched as she ran over the gravelled drive one hand sort of cupped under her reddish brown trousers and moving in a half crouch, her shoulder-bag almost falling off and trailing the ground at times.

I quickly grabbed the two bags of groceries and followed her into the house. I could see Mum's shoulder-bag on the stairs halfway up, I guessed it had fallen completely and she had no time to pick it up again. I took the bags of groceries to the kitchen and hurriedly tried to store them in the pantry and store cupboards. I knew that if Mum caught me listening and the groceries were still not unpacked she would know it was deliberate. I didn't want that to happen, so I unpacked them but really quickly. Then, suddenly, in the quiet of the house I heard Mum calling me:


"Yes, Mum," I called from the kitchen door.

"Darling can you bring me a roll of toilet paper from the cupboard under the stairs please?"

"Yes, Mum," I shouted to her. My heart was beating so bad then it hurt. I got the roll of paper and walked [ran actually] up the stairs. Tapping the bathroom door.

"It's not locked, Frank," Mum called to me.

I stepped inside the bathroom door. I tried not to look, wanting to so much. I could not look of course. Mum was sitting on the toilet but disappointingly for me, her trousers were high on her thighs and her apple-green panties covered her virtually completely. I held out the toilet roll. "Here you are Mum," I knew my voice was crackly and hoarse and hoped she would not notice.

"Put it on the holder for me darling."

Mums voice was quiet as she spoke. She wasn't looking at me, her face was turned down looking at her, almost, closed thighs. My fingers trembled as I stepped closer to the side as I opened the holder, my fingers seemed to have a life of their own and as I went to slide the roll of paper onto the cylindrical holder I dropped the paper. Bending quickly to pick the roll up I could see Mums bare thigh and more, I could see the splashes of brown poop in the back of the toilet. Then wonder of wonders she pooped with a sudden gasp and I actually saw it splatter against the back of the pan again. Gosh I was so hard by now, I somehow managed to put the paper on the holder. I stepped back and went to close the bathroom door.

"Darling, can you bring me my bag please, I dropped it on the stairs?"

Leaving the bathroom I hurriedly got her bag and scrambled back up the stairs and into the bathroom. This time Mum looked up at me, and lifted one hand to take hold of the bag. "Thank you honey," she said, her lovely pale blue eyes looked at me as though she didn't feel good. All I wanted to do was hug her and tell her how much I loved her.

I left the bathroom and went downstairs. About five minutes later Mum came down and she actually hugged me and kiss my hair telling me a thank you for helping her. It was one of the most wonderful days of my life.
frankincense10 frankincense10
18-21, M
Dec 4, 2012