Love Watching My Wife Suck A Strange ****

Probably the most erotic thing I have ever seen was Karen sitting naked in a chair while I gently finger ****** her warm wet *****. An old friend had come over because I it turned us on to have him watch. It always turned her on when another man watched and she came again and again while he watched. Finally she asked him to come over and stand next to her and started rubbing his large hard **** through his pants. She came hard again and looked longingly at the bulge in his pants, Finally she pulled his long hard **** out of his pants and started to suck the head. That was really all she could handle and she came again. She slowly slid what she could of his **** in and out of her mouth until he came violently in her mouth making her *** again, as she licked the *** from the tip of his ****, which throbbed as she held it in her hand. Since then she has demanded that she be allowed to **** him and I have agreed to watch and take pictures. She loves having her **** filled by such a gorgeous thick ****.
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Karen is insatiable! She needs more men to take care of her needs! You HAVE to post the photos you have of Karen playing!

You are bad ***!

I will never know how many strange ***** my wife is had in her, she was ******* any a lot of men before I met her, I told her she can continue doing that after we met we have gone to adult theaters and bookstores pick up hitchhikers picked up guys and gas stations after they cleaned the windows and get a look at my wife's *****. I remember one time we were going back to Virginia she was driving I fell asleep in the passenger seat when I woke up there was a guy driving she was in the backseat with another guy ******* of course I pretended to say asleep so they can continue to have their fun.