The Perfect Woman

There is an old saying , often used in jest about the perfect woman. She is described as being a nymphomanic who owns and lives above a liquor store.  I could probably do without the liquor store but sure wouldn't mind having a woman with a powerful libido.

The perfect woman would also have a great intelligence , funny, bizzare sense of humor. bright eyes and  about 5' 10" with an ample body, not skinny. She must love good music, books  and above all be demonstrative in her affections for me, as I would be to her.

She must well grounded and able to forgive and forget the past  and believe in the future with optimism. She should try to overlook my flaws as I would look past hers and finally to be  my closest friend privy to my inner most thoughts.


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zorbas zorbas
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10 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Well, Zorbas I enjoy all your humorous stories! With everyone tearing at you I guess I will have to wait in heels for the little pieces they leave behind.

Now listen here Lexi, Pixe and Michelle! Get in line!! I'm first, then Krissie . . . OK? If there is anything left of Zorbas after that ;) he's all your's!!<br />
<br />
Seriously though, it is clear that there are many women seeking a man just like you Zorbas - so it would be nice to think you could find her and she could find you . . .

If you are as delightful in person as you appear to be by your common sense and your written word here I would be more than glad to become part of your life's experience. 5' 10" is of course perfect as well.

Pixelita...If you as hot a number as I suspect you to be , I can guarantee that height will be of little consequence

Oh Zorbas!! I am in the same boat as Krissie...all requirements met except that darned height requirement! Maybe you need to revisit that! hehehe!<br />

Bummer I don't qualify either. <br />

Well I at least hope these two hot guys bought something before going to the motel with you both. Business has been a little slow of late.

Too late Sorbas! :) Krissie and I were drowning our sorrows in her liquor store when in came these 2 hot guys and . . .!!!!!! (he!he!)

After reading many of your comments on the forum, I will suddenly withdraw my height requirements. 5' !0" with heels might challenge my 6' 2" . Yep, Dhorter may be much Better.

Awww shucks! I'm only 5 foot 4 ins!