I find that the idea that everyone has a right to access the legal system a noble idea, however that’s about all it is in reality, just an idea, fair treatment in the legal system should be a fundamental right to everyone, and your success in the legal system should not be dependent on your capacity to pay, where the fairness if I can pay for better access than you can, it should be more than just an idea.

In my own case I have spent thousands of dollars to access and use our legal system, all to stay in our daughters lives, and there have been things that I could not do because of the cost, even now I am again spending thousands of dollars more, I have been asked again today for more money, and there are again things that I cannot do due to the cost, yet I have been told that these things would be good and helpful and might ensure a better outcome.

How can we possibly entertain any real idea of fairness when a full and unfettered access to this legal system is wholly dependent on the individuals capacity to pay, this seems to totally go against my sense of fairness.

The obvious lack of fairness is not limited to just the legal system, it’s apparent in the health and the education systems as well, and I am not preaching for socialism, communism or for any other isms for that matter as they have been tried and have been proven miserable failures, as for one thing too many freedoms are lost for a start, and to many corrupt individuals end up running things.

I look at the world that I live in today, and I feel sad that so many people are not treated fairly, unfairness is one of the things that I get so passionate about.

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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

You are so right,why do justice and fairness have a price tag?

Well said. It is clearly unfair. It is totally corrupt, money is not the only way that you can be asked, however subtely, to pay... I wouldn't and things turned out very badly.
And don't even get me started on the health care, hahaha, omg.

As it should. I wish I had it in me to take on the system.

I wish I could say you were wrong, unfortunately I had much the same experience. No one listens.