I read a lot about people with memory before they were born but I never found something similar with my memory, so I decided to post here and see what you remember and if is similar with me.

My first memory is in a dark place with anything around me. I had not fear or thoughts, I felt absolutely nothing. The only thing that I was sure was of being waiting for something I did not know what, but this not bothers me. Then I flash of light came and my memory ends here (I also did not have the feeling of time).

During my childhood I use to had the strange feeling of being in the wrong place, sometimes when I woke up I felt that the house and the people (my family) around me was unknown even though I knew who they were and where I was, I had mixed feelings. Even more, I use to know and think about stuff that I could not explain where they came from.

I never talked with my parents about this because I never was close to them, partially because they use to work a lot to sustain 5 children. (Yes, I have a lot of brothers)

So, basically is that, feel free to share your experiences. :)
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26-30, F
Aug 17, 2014