God I Need Your Guidance Once Again.ck

 I am lost without your light. Who am I, what kind of person am I? Do you love me as much as I do you? My faith in you has ceased again. I desperatly want it back. God I need forgiveness.

allissaxx allissaxx
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2 Responses Sep 29, 2009

2Co 5:19 that is, that Elohim was in Messiah restoring the world to favour unto Himself, not reckoning their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of restoration to favour.
2Co 5:20 Therefore we are envoys on behalf of Messiah, as though Elohim were pleading through us. We beg, on behalf of Messiah: Be restored to favour with Elohim.
all your sins are already forgiven on the cross, the buriel and ressurection of jesus, he lives and you can live a new life. forgive yourself in him, his love has taken it all, he paid for it all. can you believe it and take it.
i have, i had to reach far in my thoughts

As long as you are asking, you haven't lost faith.