I Am A Seeker :)

I always am looking for it , in the smile of a stranger, in the flight of birds above metheir formation their grace, in the invigorating breeze of water drenched air at a park after rain. I look for it in my garden as I disover baby plants and veggies newly raw from the flower and tender and growng and in my mind I coddle them and say my plant prayer~ and am a kid as I do the jig and hop and clap in abandon and bliss of the moment of this little life, the green children:)

I find it in my daughters love, connection of a teen is not so easy to receive but it is so worth the wait! In the warm fuzzy cuddle of my cats. In the comforting moments of gratitude as we have home made borscht soup.

I find wonder, lightness of being and such joy when I beachcomb on a sunny day, the waves gentle on my ankes and they caress and invogorate me, happy folks all around me, filled with the same gratitude as I am. The water is crisp and I feel unencumbered in it, I am a mermaid and this is my realm!

I find comfort and solace of a book, when I come accross words from a kindred heart .
The balance in my life comes from wanting to be present and participate in today more than in the memories of yesteryears and the vagueness of tomorrows . I am learning to realize that BALANCE in my life only I can give to ME. It is a daily, concious practice, sometimes it comes with ease and welcme and sometimes I am kicking and resisting some lesson.. Yet somehow in the end of the day, there has been equlibrium restored.

It sure is an adventure.
Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
Jul 30, 2010