It Has To Be Out There

There is a kind of love I harbor within my heart, perhaps from a dream or from the family life I wish I'd known and haven't.

I see myself sitting with a man whose mind is open to me, as mine is open to him. We do not need anything else for what we need to sustain ourselves is contained therein.

It's more symbolic than real, I fear. I still can't help but seek it out in this world. It may be that this will be denied me until my next life, as my guide has suggested. Yet, in that answer lies the suggestion that I am unworthy of such love.


What am I unworthy of...? Giving it? I know I can, I can feel it.

Then what?

InvertedHeadHeart InvertedHeadHeart
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I don't think you (or I) am unworthy... just maybe "unready"... It's something I struggle with trying ot understand all the time. I keep being told "patience"... but there's only so much patience one can have, you know?

I also think we are talking about different kinds of love here. :) I am a lot more attached to this world than I like to admit.

It feels like we have to rebuild ourselves from the ground up constantly! It's a lot of hard work, holding onto love when you don't feel like it should be there. Love is what makes the world go round...