My Spiritual Elevation Is Energy And Understanding God

The two things that give me spiritual elevation, which I continually need, are energy work style energy and a relationship with God. I need these both.

I make living energy symbols every day and try to sort and righten and brighten all the world's energy. I have made 30,000 energy symbols and more and placed them in strategic reiki locations in my apartment, my building, my city, and the world. I can feel energy and I need it to be good.

I also talk with God and await the endtimes eagerly. Growing closer to God and passing this endtimes test is goal #1, just about. I know it'll happen someday and signs point to these times now. Even if it doesn't happen for 1000 years my spirit will be alive on that day, and I will be ready.

Growing closer to God often involves me helping God with some puzzle in energy or with me understanding God better. I do a lot of math in energy and fertility. There is a midline and a graph often is helpful. I scrye for answers on a Picture of Everything.

This is what I do.
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26-30, M
Dec 13, 2012