I have lived in many parts of the world, including the U.S. at a early age and still do believe we have a right to freedom. We have disrupted the HARMONY of our world economics, pretented to help other countries only to gain their resources: OIL, DIAMONDS, GOLD, SILVER, URANIUM, CHEAP LABOR, ETC. We have let the Corporations go over seas taking american jobs to other countries and paying these poor people pennies on the dollar., because they don't care about AMERICA ,more and more Americans are understanding want is happening to our country.We use to set the example around the world as a NO. 1 country who cares about their people. Corporant greed, (theifery) Enron, Fanny May, Freddie Max, Security Exchange blind folds, everyone is lining their pockets at the American peoples expense.We have military bases all over the world, why? To protect our Now and Future resources. Why have we had the last 3-4 wars? it is all about money, greed, corruption, we actually have elected these people to run our country.
            The Oakland, California Port block, is not about stopping truckers from delievering there goods, it is about stopping the Corporations, letting them know that we as American people are hip to there greed,truckers bring goods from other countries. Corporations hire outside the U.S. to make goods to sell back to us, at one time we used to manufacture these good here in AMERICA.

             To bring global unity, we must all look into ourselves and speak the truth, If we are going to talk the talk
 we better walk the walk. Everyone has a right to freedom , it takes courage and faith and education "TO BRING THE GLOBE TO UNITY" 
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2 Responses Feb 1, 2012

I greatly appreciate your factual story.we Pakistani have been the victims of this so called war on terror .I as am an educated person and like the peace for all but let's first deal with the facts as why and what these wars are for?

Even though I'm in NZ - I don't like these wars either.

It's unfortunately the same everywhere. Here in NZ we're getting too much done in China instead of things been done here.

People around the world are protesting in their country.

Long may it continue.