Heaven On Earth (very Long) Practical Guide

Religion has told us there is only one God. Each religion tells us they have the only way to God, the only way to the True Rapture Experience. Only their specially trained people can talk to God for you. Only if you follow their rules can you truly know God; for a small fee.
When you read about various rapture experiences, they all have a similar theme. You must suffer, sacrifice, get rid of your ego and a host of other things. People gain the rapture experience through a variety of means; yoga, Kundalini, prayer, fasting, meditation and the like. All of these rapture experiences are fleeting, often only coming once in a lifetime for but a few seconds or minutes. They all seem to require extraordinary effort and great personal sacrifice on the part of the individual who attains the heights. What often stuns me about these experiences is the person usually abandoned their social and family responsibilities.
What if there is a different way? What if you could with minimal training and practice achieve rapture many times in your life? What if the gateway was sexual?
Religion, with the exception of a few sects in the known history of mankind, tell you sex and the “physical plane of existence” are gross forms, not Godly forms. But there are a couple of major glitches in this line of reasoning.
First, if God created man and woman, and created them in God’s image, then why does a woman have a clitoris? Why is there a rapturous ******? Why does the female have swollen mammaries, which men find sexually arousing, all the time, rather than just during lactation after birth? And most important, why do the churches, temples, mosques and the like have so many rules and prohibitions about sex?
The second why has this God created a “gross” universe?
Let’s start with an interesting fact: only two animals on the planet Earth have hidden breeding times, that is to say they do not have a visible or smellable estrus like a dog, cat or any of the other primates like gorillas and chimpanzees; they are the Bonobo or Pygmy Chimpanzee and the other is the human female. These two animals can and do have sex at anytime. They are not confined to copulating only during estrus. Both experience ******* and both are capable of and do use their mouths and anus for sexual pleasure. Both are able of having more than one sexual partner at a time, i.e. one partner in their vagina, while a second partner is in their anus or mouth. There are documented cases of Bonobo females having three partners at the same time. Documented cases in humans are called ***********; apparently the people documenting humans are not being scientific enough in their data collecting. Note that documenting human sexuality is vilified by the churches and governments.
Of these two animals, the human has two unique features. She has full-time breasts and a G-spot. These full-time breasts value in functioning as mammary glands to feed the young are not increased. Their main value seems to be to attract and sexually excite the males. The G-spot causes what are described by females, and documented by such scientists as Masters and Johnson in their exhaustive sex studies as “vaginal” as opposed to clitoral *******. There are many scientists who refute this last claim. They are mainly men who do not have G-spots and possible female scientists married to these same clueless male scientists.
One interesting fact about the Bonobo Chimpanzees is they do not “war” with one another. In other primates, such as the regular Chimpanzee, when competing troupes (notice the scientific choice of a groups name and how closely related to our military troop) meet at a fruit tree ripe with fruit, battles will break out and there are documented cases of a chimp from one troupe killing a chimp from another. Bonobos do not do this. In fact, they often socialize between groups, with the visiting group bringing some food and sharing it with the host troupe.
While the troupes are visiting one another, they will often engage in sex. The females have been documented taking more than one partner during these encounters. There is also evidence that a lower ranking female from one troupe, who is particularly sexually attractive to a member of the other troupe, will leave her troupe to join the new troupe, often at a higher rank.
In my younger days, I had a very attractive girlfriend and some rather socially inept male friends. I decided to have my pretty girlfriend have sex with a group of my geeky friends. In a short period of time, we progressed to her having two of them at the same time.
Now I thought I was making her do this. I did notice she was having more than the usual number of *******, but I wrote this off to “going to be easier to get her to do more of this stuff.”
One day while we were lying in bed and talking about this, she explained that there were times when she had two or three men inside her that she seemed to drift right into space; she felt she was one with the universe and one with God. This as I reflect is the true rapture experience available to all humans.
Some things to remember: In the Old Testament, God put us in the Garden of Eden naked. When we became ashamed of our nakedness, God threw us out of the garden. Today, both the church and the government tell us to hide our nakedness, clearly contrary to God’s desires. Men may walk on a beach without a shirt on and their breasts exposed, but a woman doing the same thing would be arrested for public lewdness. This means the church and the government both recognize human female breasts are sexual and they fear their sexual power over males.
The church would like you to walk barefoot through the wilderness for forty years praying to achieve the “rapture experience”. The church and the government have hundreds of laws about sex, showing or hiding our bodies.
When I read the description of the Anti-Christ, they promise one thing and deliver the opposite. Promise peace, but wage war, promise salvation, but deliver a sense of being filled with sin and worthlessness. Over the last number of years, the church has had numerous priests who are supposed to be celibate (something God never asked for). These priests molest children. What is shocking in this is the church does not isolate these men, but moves them and protects them and gives them a new group of children to molest.
The government promises to work for the people, but helps business destroy the environment. Promises to do the best to educate children, but spends fifteen times as much money on war than education, spends ten times as much on police, prisons and courts than it does on preparing people to have skilled jobs and a hopeful future.
The government and the church fit the description of the Anti-Christ to a tee.
In our long lost history, people worshiped the Earth Mother. Our God was a Goddess, but came in the form both male and female. Now we have churches which have only a God, the father. There is no mother. No feminine, no female. In ancient times, the feminine and the sexual female were revered. Now a woman who is sexual is looked down on.
There is one Great All, the light people describe in near death experiences, but when you come to manifesting this pure energy into Light and Dark, God-Goddess, Male-Female, you have the duality which is the basic balance of life.
Just think of a place with no rain and you can easily imagine a desert. Think of a place that rains continuously and there is nothing but mud. Life is a balance of Sun and Rain.
If humans are divinely created, and I believe they are, then let the church explain human female breasts, her clitoris and rapturous multiple ******* during triple penetration and why these are sins. Let the government explain why it is wrong, a threat to society and lewd to openly display these God-created breasts.
For those of you who are women and reading this, I ask you to be more active; not just vote, but run for office, be true sisters to one another, know and show that you can be sexual and brilliant. To not use the power you have within your sexuality would be like a carpenter not using a hammer to hit a nail.
Look to the ****** as a spiritual gateway to being one with the universe, one with the Great All, which is manifest in the physical spiritual through the physically spiritual God and Goddess. Look at the possibility of abundance of sexual-spiritual enlightenment available to you through Something going into Nothing, abundantly three Somethings at a time. Rapturous ******* following one after the other, ever higher, ever stronger and always closer to the idealized One.
When I was much younger and far more insecure, I had a relationship with a young lady who served others for me. There were times when she would go out and do this without me. While she was gone I would lie in bed and think about what was happening. In my mind the guy would have the perfect **** (certainly bigger than mine) and they would have the perfect ****, she would look into his eyes and he deeply into hers. Violins would swell and waves crash on the shore, her ******* would take on mythic proportions, their hearts joined as one.
However, when we did this together with me lying beside her, she could look deeply into his eyes and she could have ****** after ****** and it was just two people *******, I cannot remember a time she did not thank me and express her love for me both during and after. I also felt joy at seeing my lover enjoy herself.
Now I have worked with 100 or so couples, maybe a few more, but not huge numbers. I have done my best to not just study psychology, but to look deeply into the emotional-psychological aspect of the Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationship. Here are some of the things I notice.
When my partner brings the other woman, I see that woman as an extension of my partner. My main high school girlfriend had many friends and she brought nearly all of them to me. Some were for a single sexual encounter and others for months and numerous times. Never once did I think of leaving her, nor did I see these women as separate from her. They were an extension of her. She was the source of this abundance.
Men that I brought to her were seen as an extension of me, but men she found on her own were clearly a threat to us because they came through HER and thought their relationship was with HER, whereas the men I brought thought she was a gift from me.
I found when working with other couples if they stuck strictly to the rule the husband bring the men to his wife (she certainly can make her preference known or desire for a particular man, but the husband always made the approach), and the wife brought the women I almost never saw a problem. I did see problems frequently with couples where the wife went out on her own, developed deep relationships away from both her husband and their marriage (I use these words even for unmarried couples, because a couple is really the same dynamic).
Giving extra ***** to my lover, was like having times where I arranged for people studying massage with me to give her or someone a massage by 8 hands.
When a woman is properly trained to focus her mind, she can achieve incredible sexual pleasure by GIVING oral sex. When mapping the brain, scientists find the mouth to be the richest in sensory nerves, your lips, mouth, tongue and throat contain far more nerve endings which are far more sensitive than any part of your body including the clitoris or penis; think of getting a hair on your mouth while kissing and how distracting this can be.
So when a woman focuses her mind on how pleasurable the sensations of the smooth skin of a man's **** feels sliding across her mouth, she will quickly develop a link in her mind to sexual pleasure. I do this training often using hypnosis, to assist her in heightening her sensitivity, but also to complete blank out and outside distractions. A woman can, doing this, develop a feeling of energy flowing out of the man's **** and directly into her heart and down to her *****. I have trained a number of women to be able to come from just sucking a man's ****.
Oral sex is also the most selfless form of love a person can give to another; you are saying, “This is entirely for you and your pleasure.” It is a truly unique act.
Next, if you have not tried yet, have your boyfriend stimulate your anus with a finger, one to start but you will find two or three will be even better if this his done while he is inside your ***** thrusting. There are many who find anal intercourse as pleasurable as vaginal, there are some who find it more pleasurable, more intense.
Add, to this that a man has only One **** to give of his own, his love for his woman and the desire to give her intense mind-blowing pleasure, ****** after ******, and it is an easy step to see two and three ***** within her at the same time is an excellent way to give her this pleasure.
There is an additional benefit. If I am lying on my back and she straddles me (this is 99 times out of 100 the best position for double and triple penetration), when a second man enters her ***, I feel his **** rubbing against mine and this adds stimulation, because it rubs along the sensitive underside of my **** and his as well. We are separated by two thin layers of skin, her vaginal wall and her rectal sheath.
If she sets up a rhythm where she slides forward (no up and down just slides, while the man beneath tightens his *** and pushes more into her), the man behind is pulling out. He does not pull all the way out but leaves the head of his **** just inside her sphincter muscle. As she slides forward and squeezes her *** muscles tightly, this grips the man behind her's **** and trust me on this it is one of the most incredible sensations a man can feel.
She she slides back, the lower man relaxes and his **** comes outward while the man in the *** thrusts into her, rubbing most of the length of the lower man's ****.
When you add a third man, he will thrust into her throat as she arches her back and the *** man thrust in. For the man underneath, because the third man places his knees near the lower man's shoulders on either side of his head, that lower man has one of the greatest views of oral sex there is, seeing his lover's mouth open and her throat swelling as a **** ***** into it is, at least for me and most men I know on of the great visuals, and we men are very visual beings.
When you see your lover crest over the first ****** and then fall just a little before rocketing up, trust me, I feel this sense of both accomplishment and overwhelming love for my partner and the pleasure she is experiencing.
There is an old saying, "A man wants to be a woman's first love. A woman wants to be his last."
Personally, I do not like virgins. I do make love to them and teach them. Yes, there can be advantages of teaching her to make love Just the way I like, but a woman who is experienced is more relaxed and she brings knowledge and abilities which usually make things better for both.
I, in fact, think both men and women need to be taught by older people when they are younger in a formal mentoring program about not just sex, but money and the rest of the more complex parts of adulthood.
Yes, people can learn on their own, two teenagers can fumble around and after a while be great partners, but you often have that whole "I should be the ONLY ONE" and the attendant fear of "What if he/she/that other one was so much better than I?"
Jealousy is built on fear. I want you to notice the current big religions all sell mainly fear. They offer hope, but the big deal is "If you do not follow MY rules, God will not love you and reject you. I will not love you and reject you, all of society will not love you and reject you." This is the essence of their teaching. These religious teaching goes hand in hand with the government's selling of fear.
Keep in mind in days of old when there were mainly kings, the king was God's direct descendant, but could be thrown down/out by the church. Government's main way of distracting you is to make you afraid, "You see Them over There, well they want all your stuff. I will protect you. First give me half of your money, now give me your son to fight and......"
Nearly everything the government does for us, we could better do ourselves, but government and the church has done its best to divide us, make us "individuals" (which comes from in-divide) and tell us there is NOT ENOUGH. Not enough food, land, stuff and as you work your way down, definitely not enough Love.
If I give my love to some other woman, clearly that love did not go to you! You were cheated, robbed and she is going to “take your man.” When we live inside a mindset of Not Enough, this is true. It is not about giving. It is all about taking and holding, hoarding and 'keeping what is Mine."
You will see many people who do have multiple sexual partners. When it is done as a gift, what happens is there is More Love.
The churches have done their very best to brainwash women into thinking sex is disgusting, dirty and a necessary evil. That men are bad and filled with lust (an evil, sinful, disgusting, depraved thing). A woman should be chaste and cover herself.
But in the Garden of Eden story God throws us OUT of the Garden for getting dressed.
I think the key to the Garden of Eden story is "Do not eat of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" for this sets up the first division and after this we go out and divide everything into good things and bad things. We even kill each other because You don't worship the One True God! Both of the main middle eastern religions the Jew/Christians (Christians are really just a radical sect of the Jews) and the Muslims both agree there is only one god, it is a man, but they are positive and are taught they are Different, divided, should love one another, if I can only kill all those Evil ones Over There.
When you look at the anti-christ description, you will find they offer one thing and deliver the opposite. Offer love, peace, happiness and salvation, but they really deliver fear, anger, intolerance and war.
I realized this seems like I have wandered off topic from being double or triple penetrated, but in fact, this fear is at the heart.
Jealousy is this belief I am not enough. We have been told over and over by the church, school, governments et al, You are not enough. If you do not grab hold to the little there is you will die alone.
But what I experience is love is abundant. Look around and see most places where you see "not enough" you will see government and the church doing its finest work. Out in nature there is abundance.
When I bring a group of men to my lover and she experiences this overwhelming amount of sexual energy, love and desire ALL flowing into her, through my gift, she loves me more.
Lie quietly and think about this. Allow your mind to open and see what is out there in the world and you will see that it is abundant.
Allow me to close with a personal story to help bring this together.
When my wife was pregnant with our first daughter, she was sick all the time. My wife's and my immune systems are opposites. This makes for stronger, healthier babies, but also means while the woman is pregnant she is host to a "foreign object" which her body's immune system is rejecting. In any event, she was sick 24/7. I was still the same horny guy who had sex with her two, three and sometimes four times a day. She did get horny but rarely.
She had a friend who had broken up with her boyfriend, and confided in my wife that while she did not miss the jerk, she missed the sex and the cuddling. So my wife invited her to dinner. Then after throwing up about 5 or 6 times during the meal, explained to her dear friend that she had a problem and would like it if her friend would consent to be my lover.
My wife's reasoning was as follows. If she gets as much sex as She wants, I do not get enough sex and we are unhappy. If I get as much sex as I want, she gets way too much sex and we are unhappy. However, if her friend and I have sex, my wife will know I am getting the sex I want, her friend is getting some wonderful sex and cuddling, which she wants and something my wife wants for her friend, while my wife will get the amount of sex she wants. It was for her a very practical solution, but it is also one filled with an abundance of Love. It also lacks the common fear so many of us are caught up in when it comes to our partner having sex with someone else.
Her friend asked, "What if I fall in love with your husband?" To which my wife replied, "I would be very happy, because then you and I could live together, share the house work, give our children more attention and spend more time together. I would love for my husband to have your love and you to have my husband's love. I have never known a man with such a huge and generous heart."
I only see stunningly abundant love in her words.
Her friend and I were lovers for a bit over 6 months until she met the man of her dreams, the man she married the following year. My love for my wife only grew deeper because of what she had done. I saw her as a greater person, a goddess and truly elegant queen.
When she died 12 years ago, her spirit jumped into my body (trust me if you think I am crazy or 'one of those nut jobs', you will find no argument with me. I HAD the experience and I still question and wonder, except she let's herself be known to me from time to time.). This is an odd thing because death did not part us.
For the last 12 years I have worked on raising my daughters. They now are both in top tier universities. I am alone in a large empty house, well two quite amazing cats (me a guy who prefers dogs!), and feel ready for my next lover, a woman who desires to become a Love Goddess.
I am a sadist, really a faux-sadist. However my sadism is more about flowing energy in its raw form. It is not about pain per se, but an intense focusing of both of us in the here and now. I also say I am an ethical sadist, because I only like to practice my sadism with women who are masochists, sexually excited by my sadism. Hence I use the word faux0sadist, because it is your excitement generated out of being whipped which excites me.
I approach dominance and submission from a religious point of view. However my religion is completely removed from the Christian Jewish Muslim Buddhist Hindu and Taoist traditions. What I envision is something called Heaven on Earth. It comes into the world through Service Healing and Empathy. You will notice that heaven on earth carries the initials HE, and service healing and empathy SHE.
I train women in something called the Art of Sexually Submissive Empathetic Service. It teaches a woman to control men through sexual submission and a deep Pull which comes out of true emptiness. Submission is not the blind obedience promoted by most religions, but is a conscious awareness, which Pulls men, in the same manner a vacuum pulls something.
I do not use the words ****, *****, ***-dump and other such words that I feel degrades the power that lies within an elegantly sexually submissive woman.
The woman that I seek wishes to be an empty canvas upon which the deepest aching **** needs may be realized. I envision her with groups of 12 men, who will work with her to develop beautifully harmonious triple penetration. They will also assist in there being abundance in material things, energy to do things and get things done.
The sexual focus of this would be wave upon wave of ever climbing orgasmic climaxes, taking her into a state of spiritual bliss and a joining with the Great All.
An ultimate goal would be for her to have a full circle of men 12 groups of 12 to total 144. This would mean that much of your time during the day and night would be the service and worshiping of these men's **** needs. They in turn would serve you in creating and running businesses and the flow of power around you that in but a few minutes a day you could unleash direct and use for the ethical transformation of the world.
Because of my interest in science and sexuality as well as my envisioning a world in which sexuality and ******* are the true rapture experience and is therefore the easiest and most elegant spiritual gateway to speaking to the Great All (which is to me all things and all energy within the universe). Having a woman continually triple penetrated places her in a state of continuous ******; places her in the state similar to the description of Kundalini in the Hindu-Buddhist traditions and the rapture experience describe in the Jewish-Christian-Muslim religions. Their path however, seems to be like buying a large luxurious car than then pushing it everywhere, rather than getting in and turning the key and simply using the engine.
I also feel the G-spot was divinely created to be stimulated by the knot on a canine penis. If you look at the canine knot from the point of view of safety to the animal in the wild, it is clear this would place the dog at risk to attack by another predator when knotted to a *****. Since the world that I live in and see around me is so elegantly constructed, it only makes sense that the canine knot is there to serve some different purpose.
If you insert your fingers into your vagina and locate that rough skin that makes up the G-spot, then rub your fingers back and forth along the G-spot you will see that you get minimal to moderate stimulation. However if you take your fingers and rhythmically press them into the G-spot, then the stimulation is moderate to strong. It is very clear then that the human **** is not well designed to stimulate the G-spot. But the knot of the canine is perfectly constructed for powerful vaginal G-spot orgasmic stimulation.
Furthermore the canine is quite unique in that they are social structure and family structure is identical to humans. Canines are the first animal we humans domesticated. Also a group of dogs will place themselves inside the human family putting the mother-father, alpha male-female, and then descending children above all the dogs, who then go in alpha male and female descending through the dogs’s social rank to the lowest dog and then finally will place the youngest human child at the bottom of the social rank.
I believe this shows that dogs are very unique in the world of animals. Humans frequently think of themselves as not being animals. However, we are animals. Therefore the purpose of the human female and male dog sexual union is to allow the female a way to access her raw animal sexuality in balance to the spiritual sexuality she will experience when having face-to-face intercourse in the missionary position with a single male, or in the straddled position of double and triple penetration with groups of men. I think that it is telling that so many women claim to love 'doggy style' intercourse. You as a woman are likely divinely wired to kneel and be mounted by a canine.
The women that I have known who were highly active with canines were old members of a coven of witches who were attempting to revive and worship the Egyptian dog God, Osiris. They found that the ******* they achieved with canine partners were of a very different more physically internal type than those that they achieved with double and triple penetration or with a single male.
I find it very odd that a severe animal human sexual prohibition exists in the Bible. This must mean there was a fairly wide-spread common practice and likely one of a religious nature when the Old Testament was written. Please understand this is not about ‘hot animal sex’ any more than a Love Goddess is a ‘****-*****’, as the church would like to characterize a woman who is openly and naturally sexual, as she was clearly designed to be. I think this is a way through the female to keep us grounded in the fact we are animals, which is something because of our brains is quite easy to forget.
The people writing the Bible were likely in a power struggle with the female priestesses in the temples. Notice their god creates Adam first, even though males of all species is a hormonal imprint over a female matrix (why males have nipples). Our testicles are actually ovaries descended and hormonally altered to produce *****, but require they be created in a ‘less than body temperature’ environment, hence they are in a sac external to the body.
Notice also there is no Goddess, there is no mother. There are no female rabbis, no female priests (in the original Catholic Church), no female mullahs in the Muslims. For thousands of years, women were not allowed to vote, to have a say in how a society was run. When you look around at pollution, destruction of an environment or ecosystem and war, you will find men with some lame excuse.
When I look in contrast to women of a highly sexual nature, women who give love and pleasure to many, they are indeed the highest most spiritual of people. I envision a woman like you dwelling as a high priestess of a Temple dedicated to the worshiping of ****.
For me, use of certain words and attitudes of degradation and worthlessness runs 180° counter to my point of view. Certainly, I enjoy whipping those who come to submit to me fully and deeply. The whip helps you to bring your mind to a state of heightened awareness and focused on the Now while being completely submissively flexible. The whip also pours raw energy into a woman. You would be a woman of unparalleled value for the serving of **** need is the most holy and beautiful of acts, the 12 men who will take you to spiritual orgasmic heights.
Finally, I feel there must also be a new social matrix. One which creates small groups of people which can link to other small groups. This is called a Circle of Friends.
I want to feel safe and secure. Most people I know want this. They want a place they belong, a partner, friends, and a family. They ideally want to have work that is meaningful and gives them financial security (really physical security). They want to have good food, which is healthy. They want to be healthy.
When I dream of an ideal world for me, these are the things I dream of. I am safe, comfortable, with family and friends. I have a partner I can trust, a job with a company I trust. I am doing good work. My family is safe, secure and we are able to enjoy life. Do things together. Have friends we can depend on.
In this world, we live in now; very few of us truly feel this way. Even if we do, there is enough uncertainty, war, strife, pollution and crime that we don’t really feel safe.
So the question is what to do about it.
What can we do as individuals to make our part of the world and as much of these things we dream of as real, and true as possible.
What I propose to you is a Circle of Friends.
This idea has been taught of before. In fact, many years ago a German economist summed up his entire belief in this sentence. “In times of trouble, the only thing you can truly depend on is a circle of friends.”
We always imagine the government will save us, help us, rescue us, but time and time again we look in our own lifetimes and the government shows up a day late and a dollar short. Think of Katrina in the very recent history.
Welfare and unemployment never really do the full job. Ultimately people always turn to the family and friends, and it is a struggle. It is a struggle because one family is not enough and a government is always too big and too slow to really do the job properly. Also, you put a dollar in one side of the government (taxes) and ten cents comes out the other (benefits).
Used to be you would put a dollar in and seventy five cents would come out, but over time governments just get bigger and bigger. It is not wrong. It is just the nature of things. A tree grows bigger and bigger until one day it falls over. Or we cut it down.
Over time, the government grows and there are more and more layers of people. There are people to collect information and to check the information and to write the report and analyze the report and then discuss the report and decide they need more information. So they go back and do it some more. There are people checking to see that everyone is doing their job and checking to see how the money is being spent. And more people to watch them.
So little by little, the government gets bigger and the seventy five cents become fifty then twenty five and then a dime.
And because it is so big and so complex, it is no surprise it shows up late and shows up short.
We talk about fixing it, but fundamentally what we need is something for us, something our size, something bigger than a family, but smaller than a government.
We need a Circle of Friends.
This Circle of Friends is more than simply a supportive network of friends. When we say "friends" we don't mean people you like, but something else. The Circle of Friends is the organizational basis of our own financially self-sufficient community; a community small enough to be responsive to our needs, yet large enough to give us strength and security.
This Circle of Friends of ours is linked to other Circles of Friends giving us a flexible, growing network.
So what does this look like?
Quite simply, we organize ourselves into "families" of 12 couples. 12 "families" of 12 or 144 couples create a Circle of Friends. These 144 couples form a legal corporation. A corporation with stock, by-laws and clear rules of operation and ownership.
This corporation pools its income and assets, then uses them for the maximum benefit of the group.
The 12 couples of each family meet on a daily basis, usually mixing the discussions of business and community needs and concerns during meals. This way communications and brainstorming go on all the time. One side advantage is the children will learn about business and daily community life, little by little, day by day as they are growing up. By the time they reach adulthood, they will be well versed in business.
Each day there would be a formal meeting of the 12 couples. At the table would sit 12 individuals with their partner sitting behind them as an advisor and assistant. One person would be the Head of the Table. The Head would guide the discussion and in the event of a tie in voting would cast the deciding vote.
The following day, the advising partner would sit at the Table and the other partner would act as advisor and assistant. The Head of the Table would move one seat to the right. As close as possible, there would be a balance of men and women sitting at the table each day and the Head of the Table would alternate from male to female each day.
During daily meals, some members of families would mix with other families, so the needs, concerns and actions of all the businesses would move throughout the group.
Twice a week there would be a formal meeting of 12 members, one from each family, half male half female, without being crazy about it. Again the one sitting at the table would bring their partner assistant, the Head of the Table would alternate by both sex and place.
These meetings would take place 48 weeks of the year and would mean that each person from each family would sit at the Head of the Table for a full Circle of Friends meeting 4 times per year.
These meetings would deal with the bigger issues of the Circle of 144. Their purpose being the coordination of the different businesses for the maximum benefit to the Circle and all its members. It would also deal with the needs of the community: roads, energy, water, recycling, education, food growth, harvesting, use and storage, as well as a variety of other issues.
At this Circle level, the members would pool all of their business income. This income would go towards running their businesses, building their business-living properties, buying or leasing vehicles, buying vacation-conference homes around the world and things of this nature.
Each corporation would decide how to divide the excess profit which was not used to expand, develop or take care of corporate-circle needs.
In the current model of "You are on your own and isolated", when you lose your job and go down to unemployment you collect 60% of your current base pay. So if you are making $1,000 a week, you now get $600 for roughly 6 months. If you are used to a $1,000 a week lifestyle, this is a major hit in your income.
Under a Circle of Friends, if you lose your job and just for simplicity’s sake say everyone is making $1,000 a week, then the group has lost seven tenths of one percent (not 40%). This would be like losing $7.50 a week.
And let's say you were selling cars, while making this $1,000, the group might decide to buy you a car dealership which would raise your income to $10,000 or $20,000 a week.
The group might decide you were not using your skills and inner talents and send you back to school to be an engineer, a chef or a designer. While having an income is a part of running a business or having a job, in a Circle of Friends, it will not be the primary focus.
Within my own personal Circle of Friends, I will want to have healthy, organic food. I will happily contribute a part of my excess profits to see the people who work as our “professional” farmers have their income supplemented so they can enjoy a better life.
I am not just trying to “Be Rich”, but live a wealthy life. To me true wealth is the freedom from worry and to have a rich variety of experiences and many different things. To have this, one very important part is very fresh, organically raised food, cooked in a variety of styles by a variety of people.
There is also some saving from a tax point of view. For example, today when you have a job and buy a car to drive to work, this is what happens. You buy the car with Post-Tax dollars. This means you buy the car with money from your job After the taxes have been taken out. You buy the gasoline to drive yourself to work with post-tax dollars and all the insurance and maintenance is the same.
With a Circle of Friends, the company owns the cars and trucks. Not only do you have variety, so when just yourself on one other person are going someplace, you take a small car and when a larger group are going you use a minibus. In my personal Circle of Friends, most people will live and work in the same place, so there is no need for everyone to have a car.
If you have a “regular” job, your Circle of Friends will “hire” you out to that company. This would be attractive, because your company-circle would pay your health insurance and unemployment insurance, which would make you “cheaper” in both direct costs, but also in reduced staff to handle that sort of paperwork. Because you are now a “product” and this Product needs to be delivered, the car, gas, insurance, maintenance etc. would be paid for with Pre-Tax dollars and all these expenses would be tax deductible.
Your Circle of Friends with 144 couples, or 288 adults plus 288 kids plus a few hundred grandparents gives you an average total population of 700~900. Your Circle of Friends would be linked to 11 other Circles of Friends forming a Ring of Friends, 1,728 or total population of around 8,000 people.
These Rings of Friends would cooperatively buy airline tickets, clothing, and building materials, etc. The Rings of Friends would also run some of the larger businesses cooperatively through joint stock holdings.
Rings of Friends would use barter, cooperative buying and some capital interaction. Where in my Circle of Friends, I would eat in my Circle’s restaurants for free; I would pay to eat in a different Circle’s restaurant.
To make sure our children have the best education, we pool our resources, talents and skills to teach our children. For example, bookkeepers and accountants, with engineers and architects might get together to create course work for mathematics, and interweaving that with other related subjects. All of these educational materials would be loaded on to Internet computers, so people around the world could use them.
People from different cultures could work on these things to make them richer and better over time. Using as many different ways to teach so the individual personalities and differences in the way people learn.
Members from your Circle of Friends would take time from your work to teach a class. These classes would be taught by teams and over time would learn to adjust, to work with people who seem like they are teaching a very different subject, but it has a relationship. For example: The math teacher is helping the nutritionist develop a deeper understanding of nutrition, while the chef is working with the herbalist to make the meals delicious, but also healthy and interwoven with the biologist teaching of how the herbs act medically on the body to promote health.
Course work for children would have applications in their real lives, so they can learn about nutrition and health using their own bodies as a laboratory. They learn about money and math and the development of an idea into a product or a service.
Blended into this real life learning, children would also be exposed to the arts, literature, ecology, and planetary matters such as geology, physics and astronomy. Because the parents would be teaching the children, the children would get much more personalized education and any problems which might come up in our current government run school systems, would be seen and acted on instantly.
Since education and schools are non-profit, they are TAX deductible.
In today’s world where you are an individual, you struggle to afford a boat, or a vacation house. Once you have that vacation house, you are tied to it. It is hard to take other vacations because the vacation house takes so much of your Post-Tax income.
With your Circle of Friends, your group can buy vacation houses, which are in fact "resort-conference centers" all over the world. You can spend a few million each year on this. These centers can be rented to other groups, bartered or used for your own company’s working vacation. This is available only to the top executives of the richest companies now. With a Circle of Friends, it would be available to you.
Endless possibilities here.
The Circle of Friends is our basic cooperative unit and also our social context for addressing the needs of our men and women, the education of our children, in a structure, which gives them the strength, flexibility and security. There are a number of other components to this, what you have just read is only the beginning.
Many people have the concern that the Circle of Friends would be somewhat isolated. Quite the opposite is true. We don't shut ourselves off from the world; rather we interact with society from a position of strength, power, and security.
Everything about the Circle of Friends is designed so as to be maximally beneficial. People need community, and 12 is an optimal number both psychologically and logistically. That doesn't mean that you don't interact with people outside of your Circle. It simply means that you have a support network of intelligent, competent individuals who are working together for their mutual benefit, both financially and socially.
Within the Circle of Friends, we collectively build upon each person's strengths. We help you cultivate your talents. We might send you to school for that degree. You might become the relationship counselor for your Circle of Friends. Study nutrition or cooking.
You may have a great idea, but don’t have the skills to turn it into a company by yourself. Within your Circle of Friends, you will have lawyers, accountants, designers, advertisers, marketers, sales people all of whom have a vested interest in your company succeeding. Their motivation is that the greater your income the greater their income.
So it is in my interest to find that occupation for you, which excites you and brings joy into your life, while contributing to your Circle of Friends.
So how do you get 144 couples together? 144 couples you like?
First, you don’t have to like everyone. You work and are civilized today with people you don’t really like. The Circle of Friends is no different, except because you’re all openly working for each others mutual benefit and have less of the “office politics”, it is likely even easier to get along with some people you might not get along with today.
So how do you get your Circle of Friends started? You find 6 people. That’s it, just 6. And each of those 6 people goes out and finds 6 more until you have about 30 to 40 people.
At this point you want to start to think about diversity. You don’t want a Circle of Friends that has only doctors or lawyers. You want cooks and people who know about health, food, building, and design. You need people who are good with money, bankers, accountants and bookkeepers. You want people who know how to sell things, sell them face to face and sell them in Big ways, marketers and advertising specialists. You want people who understand media and computers, electricity and plumbing. You want as much diversity as possible, but at the same time there will be some overlap. I don’t want to eat one kind of food, so you might have 4 or 5 different kinds of cooks.
As you get clear of the people you are looking for you start to network. You meet people through friends and family, colleagues at work or just people you know. You might even set out to search for some specific people. As your group gets bigger, you want to formalized your “business plan,” how will you go forward. If some of you already own businesses, what can you do to make these businesses more successful? Are their other businesses, which might form natural partnerships, even share the same working space? Are there even some people within your group who do not have a job, but who have a variety of skills that might be used by a variety of your businesses?
Once you reach a Critical Mass, which is some place near 50 couples, you are ready to start to form your Circle of Friends.
Some will come with lots of money, maybe a thriving business; others will come with a small struggling business and even debt. Some will have just a plain old job, while others still might have skills but no income or money and will have to “buy” their way in with “sweat equity.”
Each Circle of Friends is going to have to work out the mechanics of this. But here is my advice. For those of you with money, be generous. For those of you with nothing be both humble and flexible. All of you be both aggressive and patient.
As you read this for many of you, this is old hat. You have been thinking about something like this for years. For others it is an Ah Ha.
Am I someone special? No, I am not.
Am I a guide? Am I taking you places I know and am familiar with? Places you have never been? The mastery of dragons is uncovering that which is already there in front of you. It is making you See what you are looking at, but cannot make sense of.
You dream. In your dreams and fantasies, you see. But this seems beyond you or out of your reach right now. I just show. I uncover what is already uncovered. I organize your sight within your mind. The Ah Hah in your heart is you finally making sense of something you have Known all along, but it was outside the grasp of your consciousness.
Every amazing thing you have learned or seen has been just like that. All great inventions are the same. You say, “I thought of something just like that once”, or “of course, why didn’t I think of that?” And once you have seen it, it is like it has always been there.
Some people read about Heaven on Earth and the Circle of Friends and think, “This sounds like a cult.”
A cult implies there is a leader, some great charismatic yahbo who's got his stuff together and is ready to gather the tribes and collect his tribute.
I have no interest in people walking behind me, following me, obeying me and definitely do not need any tributes. I think any "professional" religious guy should be shot. Plain and simple. They are parasites. They put themselves between you and the Creator. They tell you what the creator wants, and means then hold out their hand to collect some money, so they can spread their word of their idea of god.
Heaven on Earth is a religion based on one simple morality. Does it work? Does it not work?
The Holy Word of God is the universe itself and this earth we live on. Every lesson is contained in this creation. Pee in the stream, people downstream get sick. (I’d put this in the ‘does not work’ column).
No more second-hand God. You, in fact, ARE the God and Goddess. Physics shows us this in observed experiments.
Each Family of 12 will rotate its Chair on a Daily basis. Each meeting of the 12 Families, which make up YOUR Corporation, will rotate for each meeting. There will be NO ELECTIONS because there are No Positions to be elected into.
Companies will have Presidents. These positions will be done the way companies are done today with a Board of Directors, which likely will be made up of members of your Circle and should the company be large and owned by more than one Circle, then the Board of Directors will have some members from those other Circles.
I would recommend those boards all be kept to 12 individuals. Note the word RECOMMEND.
I have my own family and circle to deal with. I have no interest in playing Pope-King. Nor do I have any people to spare to stitch up the fancy duds I'd need to wear to put on a good show. Maybe you can interest Oprah and Tom Cruise.
As our income grows, we will be assisting other circles, but trust me it will not be altruistic. I am doing this for entirely selfish reasons.
Here they are: I live on this planet. I want it to work. I want there to be abundance. I want there to be no parasites in society. I want people interlinked to protect themselves from governments, churches and bignesses in corporations, which want to suppress us and fill us with fear.
Initially, I see a few powerful people who have money, forming Circles and people who cannot afford to join in with sweat equity. That sweat is worth something.
So Do not think you are joining ME. Think you are making your own Circle. Go find 6 friends. 6 got that number
Tell each of those 6 friends to find 6 more. And those 6 to find 6 more and you already have TOO MANY people for a Circle, but you have the core of your Partner Circle and just get everyone to add 6 more and try not to cry too hard when some high flying Type A blows in the door with 20 or 30 people in tow.
Forget Good and Evil. The Bible is telling you the fact. Good and Evil make it so you cannot SEE the Garden of Eden, you cannot See Paradise. Does it work? What part doesn't work? What do we do to make that part work? or Is that part necessary?
Be ethical. Ethics are simple. Would I do this to my child, sister, brother, self? if the answer to all is yes, do it. If the answer is no, don’t do it.
We will create laws and all laws will expire. Renewed laws, will last longer. All laws will be in common language and use common sense.
Buy land. Build solar heated and cooled house which handles all waste, develop organic farms with a few professional farmers, your group works the farms every day for 30~45 minutes, the group cleans 30~45 minutes each day (everyone: men, women and children), families eat together, Circles cook together (using your Circle's restaurants' commercial kitchens), all cars are cooperatively owned by the corporation. All buildings are corporate buildings, all members own stock in Circle and this stock needs to be fairly valued Members are able to "leave" their Circle and Join another circle by cashing out and buying in. All income is pooled at Circle level. Circle votes on the use of the income. No professional "spirit guide" et al i.e. no people making money from Heaven on Earth as a religion. No professional priests-priestesses.
Heaven is here on Earth. I think what I have described is the best framework to bring Heaven on Earth to the largest number of people in the least amount of time with the least conflict.

I am your most humble servant

Heavenz on Earth
Service, Healing & Empathy

He who rules truly serves
She who serves truly rules

The flow of abundant energy is in Partnership
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Dec 11, 2012