The Kabbalah

You may have read I am a Jewess, nineteen years old, and thinking about training to be a rabbi. Yes, well, this choice of career is a reflection of the love I have for my rabbi. I also have a great deal of love of the Kabbalist Yehuda Berg, whose books I have been reading avidly.

Through an untiring study of the Kabbalah you can find the answers to all the questions you can have. Essentially, there are answers to all the questions modern science asks of spiritual paths.
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I am very interested in the Kabbalah. Unfortunately there are no centers where I live. Can you recommend any internet sites or books?

I to am JEWISH(MALE) what is the purpose of our lives? aside from suffering.
WRITE. randy 1777

Read Yehuda Berg's 'The Power of the Kabbalah', the purpose of our lives is to learn about the Creator and ultimately to return to him.