My Search For the Meaning of Life

By birth I have the Sun in Sagittarius, which gives you a clue to my nature - scientific, truth-seeker, likes to understand things, "religious" (really more "spiritual") - but not the typical "sporty" type of Sagi, though I do like to walk in Nature, and go for naked swims in the sea (there's a beach near me where this is allowed, fortunately. Have to watch out for the crocodiles, though!).

Ever since age 11 years I have been interested in what life was all about - started with an interest in ghosts; in teenage years a favourite aunt who was spiritually inclined gave me books along these lines; and when I left High School for University (away from my farm home), I avidly read all I could find about psychism and spirit experiences...

In my adult years I have explored several religions and spiritual disciplines. When I came to a blockage, I would seek further, never tiring of trying to find my truth. Eventually in my search and its consequence of wanting to contribute to assist Earth and humanity recover from the mess they are in, I went overseas half-way around the world to two spiritual conferences... Spent a lot of money to do so, but was very enthusiastic for a number of years. Got married to a woman who was in my spiritual group - as I felt that marrying someone with a different philosophy of life would inevitably cause trouble - and had a loving and relatively happy life together with her for 30-plus years...

Eventually she died of cancer - was always of rather poor health - and the fact that I knew that "death is not the end" helped me to cope with losing her physical company. It did mean that I was once more free to take a more active interest in spiritual activities overseas; and I ended up joining a group I had become interested in on the internet, and going overseas to a number of their events in aid of Earth and human evolution, and my own evolution as well...

However, even that chapter of my life-search came to an end after many happy times spent with my friends; and now, I read, experience daily retired life, and spend time on the internet with several forums that I frequent.

I have learnt a lot in my life - and life goes on... At present I live in a rented bed-sitter with a few possessions, and occasionally visit my son, daughter-in-law and their children, who live a ten-minute drive from where I am. If anybody viewing this story is interested, I have a few spiritual forums / websites that I could point you to, to see if you like them. From the information I have come across in my travels, it seems that Earth and her living beings are in for some "interesting" (and maybe traumatic) times ahead - ever heard of the Mayan Calendar prediction of 2012 A.D. being a major change-point upon Earth? I have no doubt that something is brewing! We live in exciting times!

Cheers, and best wishes to all...


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Hmmm... When I became single again, I Carpe'd the Diem, and did things that I couldn't until that time... Milady TheMaiden, if your heart is in the right place and you keep your wits about you, you should be reasonably safe. Just make sure you don't get your stiletto heels caught in a tram rail !

@smyliebean: I have listened to a few of her TV sessions; but I don't have a TV myself, so I see her only if I visit my son and daughter-in-law AND they have it on.<br />
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What conclusions does she draw? Mind you, she's a psychic, and may not have access to the information of the above informants, who are taking a different path altogether for their info.

I am less sure what will happen in 2012 than I once was, having come across two somewhat opposing views which have equally good arguments...<br />
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The Mayans were masters at Time Science, and could be very accurate with their predictions, because they discovered (or were told) that the universe is a programmed construct. If one knows the keys to the program, everything becomes predictable. They said in effect that the present World Program was due to come to an end in December 2012, and after that, they couldn't predict what would happen; but it appeared that something entirely new would. The Hopi Indians say that we will enter a new "Sun" or world-period.<br />
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Well, an Ascension group I've been with says that a planet with a long orbital period round our Sun (Planet X or "Nibiru" of Sumerian fame) will make a 12th passing of Earth in the next couple of years or so, and as recorded in the Sumerian histories, will cause major geologic upheavals due to its strong gravitational field. And some amateur astronomers and archaeologists have backed that up. It appears that the governments of the world have secretly prepared underground hideouts for the key people they want to save, but knowing they can't save everyone, they are keeping quiet about it, as they don't want riots on their hands... They've reportedly even prepared for that eventuality with legislation and with concentration camps already constructed (mainly in the US). Martial Law is ready to be called at the drop of a hat.<br />
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Two other groups I know of (Wingmakers in America and Desteni in South Africa) have promulgated interesting stories of the creation of mankind by the king of the Annunaki (from Nibiru) that are virtually identical, and the Wingmakers facilitator says that nothing catastrophic will happen in 2012 - Nibiru has been taken care of, but that the Monetary System - which is at the root of much of the world's ills - HAS to fall, and there will be some chaos from that; but those who practice what he calls "The Six Heart Virtues" will be able to navigate through the mess. Desteni predicts "sh*t for all - some much more than others", as our civilisation comes to a splintering stop and self-destructs.<br />
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So there you are... where are you??? At least the names of the groups I've given could lead you to investigate further if you feel inclined. Sorry to disturb your day!

Were you able to see the murals that are painted inside of Denver Int'l before they covered many up? I have and being what they label a sensitive unknowing anything about them or what they had been building beneath upon my arrival it was a feeling I had never felt before. It was a sickening feeling. Many are now covered and this is where a great many of these bunkers are built beneath.

Have you also seen what the media calls coffin liners that they are paying people to store for our govt? Much to large for a normal sized coffin.

The internment or concentration camps are real.

My Native American friends also believe this is coming.

Not having a great harness on how or why I know things I predicted this and other things that have come to pass more than fifteen years ago only to be laughed at. No, I am not able to predict the future at will. I am a sensitive and do pick up spirits or an individuals feelings. This "blessing or curse" is exhausting in crowds. If I meet a stranger within twenty minutes they will tell me their lifestory and be in tears. Never fails.

What never ceases to stun me is the rapid change in the way people are treating eachother. It feels cold and almost stepford like for those of us old enough to remember the movie. These new personalities have no empathy toward others and feel void of understanding.

Unlike many, this time is something I am looking forward to. Earth as it stands right now is not the place I grew up believing it to be. Evil is not what our creator meant for us.

I would be very interested to read your website. Things are changing fast and there isn't much time to become as informed as possible for what lies ahead.

Great post, I heard of Mayan Calender, What do you think is going to happen

Hehehe! Eileen! He's very enthusiastic, isn't he... my friends of the 1950s used to persuade me to go to such meetings. I like his argument, though - to have such an intimate relationship with God... the next step (in my opinion) is to find that God inside one - as one's very essence.

Hey, nice's a link for you to watch<br />
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Let me know if you like it.<br />
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Hi valvixen -<br />
I've seen the original "Zeitgeist" video, and have heard of the "addendum" as being one to look at. "Nexus" magazine this month has a very plain-speaking and clear-sighted article about the bankers and the American financial system, and how it has "shot itself in the foot" so to speak, with its unbridled greed. All very good stuff!

Thankyou for your response to my Q about the Celestine Prophecy, excuse me if I don't reply back very quickly as I don't get the chance to get on the computer very often. I have just recently been introduced to spirituality, having never been of any religious faith(too many discrepencies in the Bible & crap going on behind the scenes in churches). If you want to look up an interesting site with views on religion Government, Banks(legal thieves), where it started and where it's gone so far there's a site called, "zeitgeist" , click on the addendum movie. It goes for a while and may seem a bit weird but persevere it makes for some very interesting viewing.

I am very attracted to your words, and also the words of your commentors. I am interested in viewing your other forums.

While recognizing that the death of a loved one is not the end of the journey, it does nothing to combat the empty emotional void that is left behind in their absence. I know that my wife continuous her path and I mine, but I have no one to talk to, no one to cuddle with, and all my routines with her are now empty. It is such a hollow feeling and the time has not really mended it as of yet. Granted it has only been two months, but they are two long months of loneliness. But the spiritual journey continues without my friend.

You both sound very interesting. Been reading a little of the spiritual stuff myself lately.

I might be interested in your forums. I have one myself, where I have posted my answer to the question of the meaning of life. And the question of the purpose of life. I would appreciate it if you took a look and let me know where I have made mistakes in my reasoning, if that is the case.<br />
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