Strangers Taking Great Intreast In Trying In Telling Me How To Live My Life .

Well i am different to every body else where i am staying at present due to being the most hated person due to me having problems with drugs and recovering from a mental break down so ever since that i have been labeled as some who has lost the plot plus my sleep pattern,has gone out the window and i am being threaten every day and told want to take my life because they don't like me and because people who are different to others who seem to come across as being perfect ,want to dictate what i can and cant do because i have to do what a stranger tells me or else they ,will get me sorted,and get me shot cause i did not do as i was told and that is to,leave the people who are helping me because they dint like the fact that they are helping someone like me,because i ain't worth the time of day,yet these people who are threatening me every hour God sends to prove what ever it is tell are trying to prove.... 

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Hang in there,Prove them all wrong!! They don't wana see you recover+have a life coz then maybe they may feel 'the pinch' of change and freedom,you are an example for you first and formost and then to the ones watching and blahing on.